Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Saves Home of Heavily Sight Impaired Senior Citizen Facing Foreclosure

Empowering Vulnerable Homeowners: Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Saves the Day for Heavily Sight Impaired Senior Citizen Facing Foreclosure

GOLD RIVER, CA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2024 / — In a heartwarming demonstration of compassion and effective advocacy, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates has successfully intervened to prevent the foreclosure of Sally Peter’s home. Sally, a senior citizen widower with severe sight impairment, found herself on the brink of losing her cherished home after falling behind on her mortgage payments due to a combination of physical and mental health challenges.

Sally, who has been the proud owner of her home since March 20, 1995, faced the daunting prospect of foreclosure with a trustee sale date looming on February 9, 2024. Her deteriorating health, coupled with her inability to properly read correspondence from her foreclosing lender, left her feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

In her moment of despair, Sally reached out to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates for assistance. Recognizing the urgency of Sally’s situation, the nonprofit swiftly initiated communication with her foreclosing lender. As part of their standard practice, the organization pursued multiple avenues of assistance to ensure Sally’s homeownership rights were protected.

“Our primary objective was to ensure that Sally had a comprehensive plan in place to address her delinquent mortgage and prevent foreclosure,” stated Jose De La Vega, a representative of the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. “We worked tirelessly to explore all available options, including legal services, mortgage services, and real estate alternatives, to secure Sally’s future.”

Despite facing initial setbacks, including a denial of assistance from Sally’s lender, the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates persevered in their efforts. After several months of advocacy and negotiation, the organization successfully secured approval for $55,860.94 in funds to pay off Sally’s delinquent balance, effectively bringing her existing loan to a current status.

“This outcome is a testament to the power of collective action and unwavering dedication to serving those in need,” remarked Jose De La Vega. “Sally’s story serves as a reminder that no one should face the threat of foreclosure alone, especially vulnerable individuals like Sally who lack the means to navigate complex financial challenges.”

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates remains committed to its mission of empowering consumers and safeguarding their rights. For more information about their services and how to get involved, please visit or contact [email protected]

[Quote from Sally]: “I am eternally grateful to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates for coming to my rescue when I needed it most. Thanks to their unwavering support, I can continue to call my house a home.”

About Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates: The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is a dedicated advocacy organization committed to providing free and voluntary loss mitigation services to homeowners facing foreclosure. Through a combination of legal expertise, financial counseling, and community outreach, the organization strives to empower consumers and protect their rights in the face of financial hardship.

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