NFL News: Week 5 Reaction

NFL News: Week 5 Reaction

In the latest NFL news from week 5, Tom Brady and the Patriots took care of business against the Resdkins. Jay Gruden was fired this morning. The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes lost to the Colts and looked vulnerable. The Broncos beat the Chargers. Kirk Cousins looked like an NFL quarterback.. I’m excited, let’s get to it.

Halfway through Sunday I was looking at my picks for the week, and I realized something. Picking the winners outright is no fun and is relatively easy, anyone can do that. Currently I sit at 9-4 with my picks. All of which I will be tracking in this Google spreadsheet. I’ve decided to take it up a notch. With this week’s picks I will be playing spread, I’m not sure which sportsbook I will go with but I’ll do my research and find one I like. With that said, now let’s actually get to it.

Patriots vs. Redskins

I was actually getting a little nervous about this game. Tom Brady threw a bad pick deep in Redskins territory, they weren’t finishing drives. They were moving the ball pretty well. But it was only 12-7 at the half. And ironically enough, Mike Nugent missed his first kick with the Patriots after the touchdown in the first quarter. But he recovered later and made two field goals in the second quarter. (Patriots fans exhaled, including me). They finally got it going in the third quarter and eventually won pretty easily. I am a little worried about the offense. Sony Michel had his first really good game this season which is nice, they’re gonna need the running game more than ever.

In the latest NFL news, early this morning it was announced that Jay Gruden would be relieved of his duties as Washington head coach, withBill Callahan set to take over in the interim. Gruden leaves Washington with a .418 winning percentage and one playoff appearance.

Ravens vs. Steelers

The Steelers lost Mason Rudolph to a big hit as he was throwing the ball. He suffered a concussion, did not return. The Ravens won the game in OT but Lamar Jackson did not look good this game. Threw 3 interceptions, kept the Steelers in the game after getting out to a big lead and they ultimately tied it. They got the ball first in OT, and proceeded to gain -4 yards, 3 and out… That’s just good enough, credit to the Steelers defense they played well. But that’s just not good enough for Lamar. Lucky JuJu fumbled and they got the ball back. But even then, they gained a total of 5 yards.. But they have Justin Tucker who makes the field goal, game over. Keep an eye on Lamar going forward he got off to a hot start, but he hasn’t played well recently.

Bills vs. Titans

Three teams in the AFC are above .500 right now. The Patriots, Chiefs, and that’s right, the Buffalo Bills. Bills went on the road and made just enough plays to escape with a win. I say escaped because the Titans now former kicker, Cairo Santos, missed four field goals. Thats’ right, it’s not a typo, four field goals. That was the difference in the game. Missed one from from 50, and then one from 36 in the second quarter. Missed one from 33 early in the fourth, and missed one from 53 halfway through the fourth quarter. Needless to say, Cairo Santos is no longer with the Tennessee Titans, he was released earlier this morning I believe. LOL. Coach Mike Vrabel was not happy. Take a look:

Vikings vs. Giants

Kirk Cousins, comeback player of the year. Stefon Diggs was so upset he wasn’t even showing up to practice, he wouldn’t answer anybody’s phone, wanted nothing to do with this team. Vikings staff said they “had no idea” where Diggs was. Adam Thielen calling out publicly that they need to pass the ball more and hit on deep on throws.

Kirk Cousins, when interviewed and asked about the situation said he knew nothing was going on until a family member asked him about it. Seriously? You gonna sit up there, and LIE to the American public.? No idea that Diggs wasn’t at practice?? Did you not notice that you didn’t throw to him in practice, that it was someone else?? I guess it makes sense you don’t throw to him during the games, obviously you don’t throw to him in practice, which means you didn’t notice he wasn’t there.. Yeah, seems legit bro.

Sorry, that was my rant for the day. ANYWAYS, Kirk Cousins probably had his best game since coming over to the Vikings. 22-27 passing, for 306 yards, and 2 TD. Passer rating of 138.6. And oh by the way, Dalvin Cook had another monster game, 132 rushing yards on 21 attempts, 6 catches for 86 yards. If Kirk can play like this consistently, with that defense, those receivers, and Dalvin Cook in the backfield, watch out.

Deshaun Watson

Probably the craziest game of the day. The Texans scored 53 against the Falcons at home. Deshaun Watson threw for 426 yards, 5 passing TD. Third time he’s done that since entering the league. Will Fuller had a career day, with 14 rec, 217 yards and 3 TD. They almost look like quarterback numbers.

NFL News Fun Fact: From Pro Football Reference, The 53-32 score was the first time in pro football history that particular final score has been accomplished. Other unique scores that have happened this season include Balimore’s 59-10 thrashing of Miami, Cleveland’s 40-25 victory over Baltimore and Tampa Bay’s 55-40 upset of the Los Angeles Rams. These unique scores are popularly known as “scorigami”, a term coined by Jon Bois.

Jaguars vs. Panthers

If you haven’t read my post about Christian McCaffrey, now is the time. McCaffrey ran for 176 yards, 2 TD, and 6 catches for 61 yards. Kyle Allen threw for 181 yards. Let that sink in. McCaffrey is making a serious case for MVP honeslty. NFL news reported that the Panthers running back leads the NFL in carries (105), yards (587), yards per game (117.4), touches (136) and yards from scrimmage (866). He’s averaging 5.6 yards per carry while having 31 catches for 279 yards and seven total touchdowns on the year. Check out this touchdown from McCaffrey where he stiff arms a defender, then jumps over another one and lands in the endzone.

Also per NFL news, the dual-threat back became the fourth player in the Super Bowl Era to have five or more games with 1-plus rush TD and 1-plus receiving TD in his first three seasons, joining Alvin Kamara(6), Edgerrin James (6) and Chuck Foreman (8). Also, his 866 yards from scrimmage to open the season is the second-most in NFL history since 1950, behind only Jim Brown‘s 988 in 1963. #NewBeastMode is what I’m saying.

Packers vs. Cowboys

There were 3 afternoon games yesterday and I picked all three of them incorrectly. I should have seen this from Dallas, I know better. I think I’ve been watching too much Skip Bayless, or Drip Bayless as they like to call him now. The final score doesn’t do it justice, the Packers were up 31-3 with 3:30 left in the third quarter. The Cowboys got hot and made a fourth quarter push, but it was too little too late. And their chances fizzled when their kicker missed the field goal just under 2 minutes which would’ve made it a one score game. Dak threw for 462 yards, but he was picked off 3 times, should’ve been at least four maybe five. I remember seeing at least one throw that the Packers CB just dropped, hit him right in numbers.

Aaron, no not Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones had a big game . 182 yards from scrimmage and ran for four touchdowns. Cowboys beat 3 bad teams to start the season and were looking very good, they’ve lost their last two since. And Dak has been making some mistakes. Maybe he’s feeling the pressure of this new contract deal that has been looming over him…

Colts vs. Chiefs

My biggest surprise of the day right here. Somehow the Colts hold Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to just 13 points. They made big plays down the stretch to win the game. Marlon Mack has looked good, carried the ball 29 times for 132 yards. Mahomes rolled his ankle early in the game and got it taped up. Only to be stepped on by one of his linemen later. Looks like he’s going to be fine but he was limping around for a bit. What really hurt the Chiefs was the 11 penalties they committed for 125 yards. That’s way too many for what’s supposed to be a well coached football team. Here’s Andy Reid as reported by NFL news,

“Penalties are really what hurt us today. You get things going and then all of a sudden, you’re going backwards. In this league, it’s hard [when you do that] against a good football team.”

Andy Reid, Postgame

Thanks Andy, couldn’t have said it better myself.

Notable Mentions

Michael Thomas(NO) 11 rec, 182 yds, 2 TD

Amari Cooper (DAL) 11 rec, 226 yds, 1 TD

DJ Chark (JAX) 8 rec, 164 yds, 2 TD