NFL Lines: How To Turn 100$ Into 50,000$

NFL Lines: How To Turn 100$ Into 50,000$

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So last week I said I would start picking game winners for the games every week. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I realized that picking the games straight up was too easy. I finished with a record of 10-4 last week, which is pretty good as far as gambling. You can check out my picks in this post, or here’s the google spreadsheet I’m using to keep track of them. So I’ve been going through different sportsbooks, looking at the bets, the NFL lines, the odds. I am going to start playing ATS. which is against the spread. For those that don’t know how the point spread works, it works like this: (Credit goes to Bovada online sportsbook for this)

The nfl lines, or point spread (aka runline in baseball) is the handicap, or head start, that oddsmakers gives to the underdog. Betting against the spread can make a lopsided event more interesting – rather than just winning outright, the favorite has to win by more than the point spread (aka “cover the spread”) for bets on the favorite to win.

The NFL Lines, “Point Spread”

The point spread’s purpose is to make betting on either side equally attractive. For example, with NFL spread betting:

Let’s say the New England Patriots are the road team against the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. All signs point to the Patriots being the favorite and the Rams the underdog. The linesmaker might decide to give the Rams a three-point head start, which is expressed as Rams +3, or Patriots -3.

nfl lines

If you bet on the Patriots, you’ll win your bet if they win the game by more than three points. If you bet on the Rams, however, you’ll win your bet if they lose by less than three points (e.g., if their score is higher after you add three points to it).

The juice or price attached to the point spread determine your payout. A negative number (e.g., -170) shows how much money you must wager to win $100 while a positive number (e.g., +150) shows how much money you will win on a $100 wager.

The standard odds of -110 may or may not be listed. If one side is receiving a lot of action, the odds may be adjusted in an effort to balance the action.

You can place a point spread bet on the whole game or just a portion of it – where first half (1H), second half (2H), quarter (Q*), or 5th inning (5inn.) lines are offered. The point adjustment during the specified period of the game determines the betting outcome.

Especially when it comes to football, there’s no bet that is more synonymous with sports betting than the spread. So there’s that.

What is a Parlay?

But what I’m really interested is, and the reason I brought you all here today, is the parlay play.

A “parlay”, or combo bet, is a selection of 2-12 bets put together in one wager. Winning the parlay needs all of your individual selections to win. If any bet in your parlay is a loss, the entire wager is graded as a loss.

But if it hits, the payoff could reach six digits (depending on what you risk). When you add more bets to your parlay you increase your potential payout. Here’s a cool short video detailing that:

So a typical 5 game parlay could look like this:

nfl lines

Or if you wanna go big, say 10 games, it’ll look like this:

nfl lines

Hitting 10 games using the point spread is pretty difficult, but you can probably do 5 games per week. With a bit of research you can find 4-5 games where the odds of one team are very high. Take what you won the first week, do the same thing the second week and you’ll be around the same as if you played the 10 games in one week, but the risk factor was much lower.

Teezy’s Pick ‘Em

From now on, my Teezy’s Pick ‘Em will feature the point spread and I will try to pick every game each week based on research, information gathered, and instinction. But I will probably be playing five game parlay’s starting this week based on my favorite matchups. I’ll be posting my picks either Thursday or Friday. More than likely I’ll do the Thursday game on Thursday, then the remaining will be Friday or Saturday. Stay tuned and have fun everyone.