New Initiative Launches on National Posttraumatic Growth Day to Focus on the Possibility of Growth After Trauma


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PTG Day is June 13th

PTG Day is June 13th

BLUEMONT, VA, USA, June 12, 2024 / — In recognition of National Posttraumatic Growth Day on June 13th and PTSD Awareness Month throughout June, Boulder Crest Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the #CHOOSEGROWTH campaign. This initiative aims to balance the conversation surrounding trauma by creating awareness of the science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).

For far too long we have focused exclusively on the negative impacts of trauma and struggle. This narrative is dominated by ideas of dysfunction, disorder, and diagnosis. It’s time to shift the conversation – and shine a light on the possibility of growth in the aftermath of trauma. We must give people the permission and the training needed to transform their struggle into lifelong growth.

The #CHOOSEGROWTH initiative seeks to transform individuals and communities by raising awareness of Posttraumatic Growth, an evidence-based science that speaks to the ways that struggle can lead to powerful personal change and growth. This growth can manifest in many ways: increased personal strength, more meaningful relationships, deeper appreciation for life, spiritual and existential change, and a sense of new possibilities.

“A PTSD diagnosis is often seen as a death sentence; a full stop in the story of our lives,” says Josh Goldberg, Boulder Crest’s CEO. “But what if it can be the catalyst for forging a new path — one filled with passion, purpose, connection, growth, and service? This is Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).”

“PTG is the centuries-old idea that struggle can lead to profound growth and transformation,” Goldberg continued. “It’s the hero’s journey from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and every blockbuster movie from your childhood. It’s cited in ancient literature and religious texts. It’s the oldest idea you’ve never heard of.” And in 1995, it became a scientific framework thanks to the work of Dr. Richard Tedeschi and Dr. Lawrence Calhoun.

The #CHOOSEGROWTH campaign will feature a variety of resources and initiatives designed to educate the public about PTG and foster a more hopeful conversation about healing and transformation after trauma. The organization has released a short film about PTG, available on their website. They will also be hosting a “Growth Photo Wall” in Times Square on June 13th, and inviting people to share stories of growth on social media using the #CHOOSEGROWTH hashtag.

For more information about the #CHOOSEGROWTH campaign and to access resources on PTG, please visit

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