Muslim Americans  Condemn the Torah Burning in Sweden

Bushra Mateen, AMMWEC board member offers Muslim prayers at a synagogue. This is how AMMWEC fights antiSemitism.

AMMWEC leads Muslim and Multifaith trips to Israel. Dr. Sabeen Munib, AMMWEC board, at the Wailing Wall.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2023/ — Washington D.C. American Muslim & Multifaith Women’s Empowerment (AMMWEC) strongly condemns the planned burning of the Torah outside the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. As an organization dedicated to promoting religious freedom, unity, and peaceful coexistence, we firmly believe in the importance of respecting and protecting all religious texts.

It is deeply concerning to witness the authorization of such a protest, especially after the controversial burning of the Quran at recent anti-Islam demonstrations in Sweden. Freedom of speech should never be an excuse for promoting hatred, bigotry, and religious intolerance.

Religious texts hold immense value and significance for their respective faith communities. They are sacred symbols of belief, representing the foundational principles and teachings that guide millions of followers worldwide. Burning any religious text, including the Torah, not only displays a complete disregard for the beliefs and values of others but also perpetuates a climate of religious division and animosity.

AMMWEC firmly believes in fostering understanding, respect, and dialogue among different faiths and cultures. Our organization stands in solidarity with the Jewish community, expressing deep concern over this planned burning of the Torah in Sweden. We call upon the Swedish government to take immediate action and prevent this act of religious desecration from taking place.

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that must be respected and protected globally. It is crucial for governments and authorities to maintain a balance between upholding freedom of speech and ensuring that it does not infringe upon the rights and dignity of individuals or communities. Burning religious texts goes against the principles of religious freedom and undermines efforts to build inclusive societies where diversity is celebrated.

“There is no place for for disrespect of any holy books and scripture in a so-called civilized society that we are living in, Irrespective of religion and faith-traditions, holy books and places of worship should be sacrosanct. It’s our civic duty to raise our voices and express condemnation whenever such an act of hate and ignorance happens, whether it’s a Quran, Bible, or Torah, or Geeta, ” said Bushra Mateen, an educator, and AMMWEC board member.

“The burning of holy books, Quran and Torah, breaks our hearts. It is a condemnable act of hate,” protested Rana Syed, AMMWEC board member. “We must now work together even more as Abrahamic cousins to fight a=Islamophobia and antiSemitism.,” she added.

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