Monkey Man: First reactions hit social media as the Dev Patel action movie premieres at SXSW

Dev Patel makes a white-hot directorial debut after social media reactions from those in attendance at SXSW were blown away by his film.

Dev Patel has come a long way from being the slumdog. Images from his feature directorial debut, Monkey Man, feature him standing menacingly in a suit or with an ominous mask of a monkey on and you see that the film is produced by Jordan Peele, so it gives the impression that it could be a new psychological horror movie. Then, the trailer shows Patel taking on opponents in a wrestling ring and plowing through bad guys like John Wick and Jackie Chan to the soundtrack of a bumpin’ Jay-Z tune. Immediately, heads turn at attention.

Patel’s Monkey Man has now premiered at SXSW, and the first reactions are in. Those in attendance at the unveiling have taken to social media and revealed that once the credits rolled and the lights came up, Patel received a standing ovation when taking the stage. @AnAntLife posted a video of a tearful Patel wiping away tears amid this overwhelming reaction and said, “A long and very deserved standing ovation for Dev Patel and #MonkeyMan y’all are gonna love this one!!!”

@kirkneverdied also posted that Patel received a “2 minute long standing ovation in a packed 1,200 person theater for #MonkeyMan #DevPatel #SXSW”

@myrcellasear showed her overwhelmed positive response to the film, saying, “I think I have never been as proud of a career trajectory as I am now of Dev Patel’s from Skins to #MonkeyMan. He has created a hard-hitting action masterpiece that in full of pulsating emotion throughout. Thank God it’s coming to theaters! #SXSW”

@LeosAMovieGuy raved about Monkey Man, saying, “MONKEY MAN: Every bit of this movie is earned. A powerful revenge story that goes through the gamut of action with powerful force. Dev Patel with a directing debut that rips. #AMovieGuySXSW#MonkeyMan”

@FrederickNuti calls Monkey Man one of the best action movies of our time and praises Patel’s direction as he says, “Monkey Man directed by Dev Patel is one of the best action movies of our time. His directorial debut and he absolutely executes it masterfully. Visceral and action packed with a new style unseen before! People are gonna absolutely love this! Talented as hell! #SXSW #MonkeyMan”

@JaredBuckendahl has a bit of criticism in how Patel has paced the story, but also raves about the film despite that flaw, “Dev Patel delivers a one-two punch with his directorial debut. A superb blend of meaning story, deep message, twisted comedy, kung fu homages & badass action (see image below). A bit uneven with its story pacing, but you cant deny the guy has a great future ahead #MonkeyMan #SXSW”

@ryanmcquade77 says Monkey Man is the first great film he would see in his time at SXSW, “After a couple of long days at #SXSW2024, MONKEY MAN is the first great film of the fest. With tons of top notch action sequences and plenty of heart, director/writer/star Dev Patel delivered something truly special! An absolute knockout of a directorial debut! #MonkeyMan”

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