Minecraft Combat Snapshot 7c: Shields Are Buffed And Potions Can Stack Up To 16

Minecraft Combat Snapshot 7c: Shields Are Buffed And Potions Can Stack Up To 16

The most recent Minecraft Combat Update was earlier this month, that update added a range of features which may have been seen as controversial. A fair amount of those features have been removed in the Combat Update of 7c. These updates have to be downloaded from Reddit and aren’t available from the Minecraft launcher.

This update removes the features of being interrupted while eating, you’ll have the attack indicator, and another feature that was introduced in the sixth combat update was if the player held the bow for too long, the player would lose accuracy.

This update now offers the ability to stack potions of up to sixteen, which enables much easier carrying for combat.

The Changes made to Shields

The Combat Update 7c has buffed shields, these buffs include instant activation, give the player 50% knockback resistance while active, and now protect the player from 100% of incoming explosion damage.

Now players won’t get the reach bonus while you are crouching, this adds a slight disadvantage to shielding and attacking simultaneously.

Features Returned to Minecraft

Minecraft Combat Update v6 had changed and removed a variety of features, and this next combat update returned an array of features. These features include the return of the attack indicator, and another feature consists of the return of charged or “200%” attacks with a +1 reach bonus on the charged attacks.

Another returned feature is the fact that sweeping only workes for charged attacks and when having the sweeping enchantment on the sword. The base reach has been changed back to 2.5 blocks rather than just two blocks.

Various Bug Fixes

There have been a variety of bug fixes including how Netherite weapons have updated stats, Using a shield while crouching is now no longer unsynchronized when attaching in the air. Another fix is the fact that the knockback attribute can no longer have a random chance to stop prevent any knockback from happening completely.

How to download the Combat Update 7c, Download this zip file: https://launcher.mojang.com/experiments/combat/2557b99d95588505e988886220779087d7d6b1e9/1_16_combat-3.zip. Unpack this folder and then move the contents into your “versions” folder of your local Minecraft application data folder.

Players will need to go into the Minecraft launcher and create a new profile and change the version format to “pending 1.16_combat3”.

Start the game and the wait as the remaining files are found and downloaded. Play in a new world! This update/snapshot is entirely incompatible with any other update or snapshots.