MindMine Education: Watermelon Math Product Launches Online and at Writer’s Block Bookstore in Winter Park, FL

Miami Beach, Florida – MindMine Education, a boutique educational practice that offers test preparation for ISEE and SSAT admissions exams, is excited to announce the launch of its Watermelon Math product at Writer’s Block Bookstore in Winter Park, FL and online via the platform’s website.

Created by Kelly Clement, who has 12 years of classroom teaching experience in the US and abroad, as well as over 10 years of specializing in the ISEE and SSAT exams, the Watermelon Math Product offers engaging and colorful designs to help students recall important math concepts.

“I’ve been dreaming of creating a product for my Lower Level ISEE students for years. Students who are 9 or 10 years old would rather do just about anything besides test prep. I wanted to create a product that felt joyful and light. I hired a fantastic illustrator, and we created Watermelon Math,” said Kelly Clement, founder and owner of MindMine Education. “It is now available at a bookstore in Winter Park, FL. The sweet thing is that this is the town where I went to college, so having my product released here is meaningful to me! I’ve taught in many places around the country and the world, but my product is launching here, where I started my own education as a teacher.”

Recommended by Good Play Guide and winner of Creative Child Magazine’s ‘Creative Child Awards 2023: Product of the Year Award’, the Watermelon Math Product features a set of 42 full-color, double-sided premium- coated cards in a custom-designed two-part box that offers students the ease of studying on the go. The cards cover essential math concepts and terms covered on the lower level ISEE and middle level SSAT exams, such as integers, composite numbers, distributive property, perimeter, volume, divisibility rules, and many more.

With beautiful hand-illustrated pictures and thoughtfully designed visual clues to help student retain concepts, the new Watermelon Math Product is aimed at elementary and middle school students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 and is the perfect complement for students preparing for the ISEE and SSAT exams.

MindMine Education was created by Kelly Clement, an educator and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience working with students to prepare for the ISEE or SSAT exams. With

personalized teaching methods and an approach that utilizes the latest techniques and developments in positive psychology and mindset practices, MindMine Education is devoted to catering to the unique needs of every student.

For more information on MindMine Education and its new Watermelon Math Product, please visit the website at https://mindmineeducation.com/product/watermelon-math-isee-test-prep/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/mindmine-education-watermelon-math-product-launches-online-and-at-writers-block-bookstore-in-winter-park-fl/

About MindMine Education

My name is Kelly Clement, and I’m so pleased you have landed on my page! I have been an educator for my entire career, and I am committed to the success and well-being of my students.

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