METACARD Announces High-Impact Partnerships with Historic Brand Majorica and Music Blockchain Allfeat at NFT Biarritz

Exclusive press conference at NFT Biarritz event, Samira Karrach, METACARD CSO making the annoucements !

Representation of NFT gift cards, a game-changing way of gifting, METACARD is built around the values of gifting and gifts. It speaks to everyone's heart.

Representation of NFT giftcards, game changing way of gifting, METACARD is build around the values around gifting and gifts. It speak to everyone heart.

Majorica unveils NFT Plans; METACARD Becomes Gift Card Provider for Allfeat’s Music Blockchain

BIARRITZ, FRANCE, August 25, 2023/ — At a highly anticipated rooftop press conference during NFT Biarritz, METACARD unveiled partnerships set to redefine the future of NFTs in both the luxury and music sectors.

METACARD, a pioneering NFT gift card platform, disclosed strategic partnerships with 130-year-old Spanish jeweler Majorica and music blockchain Allfeat.

Two monumental collaborations were announced:

Majorica’s NFT Debut: This luxury brand seeks to attract Generation Z through an exclusive NFT collection in partnership with METACARD. The campaign launches end-of-year 2023, with NFT Biarritz attendees having first dibs.

Allfeat Collaboration: As the official gift card provider for Allfeat’s blockchain, METACARD aims to redefine fan-artist engagement and revolutionize the music industry.


METACARD serves as the bridge between the traditional world of marketing and the new era of WEB3. By leveraging the power of NFTs, METACARD is redefining how brands communicate, engage, and retain their audiences. As one of the pioneers in this field, METACARD offers a unique and innovative platform that allows brands and e-commerce businesses to launch marketing and loyalty campaigns powered by artificial intelligence and enriched by NFT technology.

With those disclosed partnership METACARD is at the vanguard of merging heritage brands with cutting-edge blockchain technology. They promise an enhanced consumer experience for broader and targeted audiences.

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