Markethive’s Legacy Entrepreneur One Draws To A Close For New Associates

Entrepreneur One: A Divine Legacy

Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program ending soon

Small window of opportunity to upgrade to Entrepreneur One

Initial Loan Protocol included in the Entrepreneur One Subscription

Initial Loan Protocol included in the Entrepreneur One Subsciption

Markethive’s blockchain-driven Social Broadcasting Network and Entrepreneurial marketplace advance with innovative concepts as the E1 Program’s end approaches

The Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program is a Divine legacy because it has empowered Markethive to move forward with our vision. We are at the threshold of closing E1 and making way for other initiatives.”

— Thomas Prendergast

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/ — Markethive, the blockchain-driven Social Broadcasting Network and Marketplace for Entrepreneurs, forges ahead with groundbreaking concepts as the E1 Loyalty Program’s end approaches.

CEO and founder of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast, announced, “The Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program and ILP are a Divine legacy because it has empowered Markethive to move forward with our vision. Now the wallet is complete; we are at the threshold of terminating the E1 subscription to new members and making way for other initiatives.”

Markethive designed the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program and the ILP concept to reward the person who sees the Markethive vision. It funds Markethive’s tour de force, which then gives a return from the ILP. The ILP or Initial Loan Protocol is a loan to Markethive with a principal balloon payment, paid out at the end of 20 years, with the option to reactivate it, making it a legacy. It is viewed as a window of opportunity by members of the Markethive community, as the ILP represents 20% of the net revenue of Markethive.

CTO and founder of Markethive, Annette Schwindt, expressed, “Because of the goodwill and conviction of some to the Markethive vision, they have given Markethive its daily bread by being an Entrepreneur One for $100 per month so Markethive can continue the Divine quest inspired by our Lord. It can only be explained as biblical.”

Thomas says, “As promised, we will pay back each person who supported the company in fulfilling its mission to bring a decentralized crypto ecosystem that upholds financial freedom and sovereignty for all. Eventually, it will get to a juncture where there will be a tipping point, and more revenue will come into that ILP than what the E1s are paying out for their monthly subscription.”

The Entrepreneur One Program has many other features and benefits that generate income. It is likened to a cottage industry with a comprehensive financial hub at the epicenter, incorporating sub-wallets to facilitate all types of small businesses for the online user with an entrepreneurial spirit. Markethive has built a system that works for the average entrepreneur and will continue to expand and reach new heights with its unique concepts and products.

Thomas added, “Current Entrepreneur One members are urged to continue with their subscription as it will fuel their future wealth. Remember, it’s a loan from you that is paid back to you at the end. Meanwhile, 20% of Markethive’s revenue is also paid to you. This is unique; no other company does this!”

Thomas also stated that the announcement of the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program closure is imminent, and the countdown will be activated for 30 days. It will be the last call to either become an Entrepreneur One member or, if you have suspended your E1 Status, re-instate your E1 account to receive all the benefits and potential wealth it has to offer.

Joseph Stasaitis, a veteran E1 associate, says, “It has been a glorious journey, and things are really just getting started. This is a world-changing program so much needed in the world today.”

Markethive is a community-driven and owned entrepreneurial platform, crypto-built, and the future of the social media, marketing, and broadcasting industry. It has a meritocratic culture that defies the Web2 social media and champions free speech, liberty, and financial sovereignty. The Entrepreneur One membership paves the way for business opportunities and considerable returns through the ILP. To find out more, visit

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