Lookuptrendz Garners India Pride Award for Pioneering Excellence in advertising and marketing

Celebrating Lookuptrendz: Kanthi Rekha’s Vision Recognized with India Pride Award

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Celebrating Lookuptrendz: Kanthi Rekha’s Vision Recognized with India Pride Award


Lookuptrendz – Advertising and Marketing agency

Lookuptrendz Excellence in Advertising and Marketing 2023, Founder Kanthi Rekha Honored with India Pride Award

For startups , Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks.
Lookuptrendz team plan to host industry workshops to share our knowledge and empower Startups, Individuals & Woman”

— Kanthi Rekha , Founder of lookuptrendz

BANGLORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, August 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Lookuptrendz, the beacon of innovation and empowerment in advertising and marketing, proudly announces a momentous achievement. CEO and Founder Kanthi Rekha’s visionary leadership has led Lookuptrendz to be honored with the India Pride Award for Innovative Startup of the Year 2023, recognizing its excellence in advertising and marketing. The distinguished award ceremony took place at the elegant Taj Yeswanthpur and was graced by the presence of esteemed Chief Guest Shriya.

Lookuptrendz, under the inspiring guidance of Kanthi Rekha, has stood as a trailblazer in the industry. The award underscores not only their commitment to innovation but also their dedication to reshaping the advertising and marketing landscape.

From the beginning, Lookuptrendz has embraced change and harnessed experimentation, driving the evolution of the advertising and marketing sector. Kanthi Rekha’s strategic approach, combined with a willingness to take calculated risks, has propelled Lookuptrendz to achieve this remarkable distinction.

The event, hosted at the prestigious Taj Yeswanthpur, was graced by the presence of Chief Guest Shriya, further enhancing the significance of the occasion. Lookuptrendz’s journey, marked by empowerment and innovation, was celebrated in the company of esteemed guests and industry leaders.

Kanthi Rekha expressed heartfelt gratitude to her dedicated team, clients, and partners who have played instrumental roles in Lookuptrendz’s journey. She acknowledged that this recognition is a collective achievement and serves as a testament to Lookuptrendz’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

As Lookuptrendz charts its path forward, it remains committed to its vision of innovation and empowerment. With plans to share their knowledge through industry workshops, Lookuptrendz aims to empower not only startups but also individuals, amplifying their impact on the industry.

The recognition as the Innovative Startup of the Year 2023 for Excellence in Advertising and Marketing is a significant milestone for Lookuptrendz. Guided by Kanthi Rekha’s visionary leadership, the company continues to push boundaries, set new standards, and inspire innovation within the advertising and marketing sector.

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Lookuptrendz awarded in Excellence in advertising and marketing


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