Joyful Spring Festival Celebrations, Jiangsu Elegance Illuminates New York

Jiangsu travel booth

Introducing the Characteristics of Jiangsu

Jiangsu promotion booth at travel show in NYC

The participation in the Travel & Adventure Show once again showcased the cultural and tourism allure of ‘Shui Yun Jiangsu’ to the world.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, January 29, 2024 / — On January 27-28, the largest Travel & Adventure Show returned to New York. This global travel exhibition brought together top destinations, travel companies, and suppliers from around the world. The participation of the Jiangsu Cultural and Tourism Delegation in the New York Travel & Adventure Show garnered widespread attention and acclaim.

In a vibrant display of culture, the Jiangsu Pavilion at the New York Travel & Adventure Show, adorned in the auspicious hues of Chinese red, creates a festive and warm New Year atmosphere, bringing the traditions of the Jiangsu Spring Festival to New York. The booth showcased exquisite Nanjing gold leaf and Xuzhou paper-cutting, capturing the attention of numerous visitors. These art forms not only carry the rich history of Jiangsu but also embody the distinctive cultural characteristics of the region.

Effortlessly spreading the essence of outstanding culture and showcasing the oriental charm, the new image of the ‘Shui Yun Jiangsu’ cultural and tourism brand was presented on a broader stage. An interactive paper-cutting area was specially arranged, allowing visitors to personally experience the intangible cultural heritage, gaining a more nuanced understanding of this Chinese folk art treasure. During the interaction, staff provided detailed explanations of the unique features of paper-cutting in different cities of Jiangsu, leaving visitors in awe of the artistic prowess of Jiangsu paper-cutting.

Throughout the event, staff distributed visually appealing and portable promotional materials, such as brochures in English, showcasing the charm of the Grand Canal and other attractions. Visitors were captivated, with many expressing their interest in exploring Jiangsu along the Grand Canal and marveling at the multitude of World Heritage sites. Through surveys and questionnaires, staff gathered insights into tourists’ travel profiles, impressions of Jiangsu, and their willingness to visit, providing valuable input for the expansion of the North American tourism market and the development of inbound tourism products.

The participation in the Travel & Adventure Show once again showcased the cultural and tourism allure of ‘Shui Yun Jiangsu’ to the world. The joyous and harmonious Spring Festival atmosphere allowed overseas audiences to experience the unique traditions of Jiangsu. In the new year, Jiangsu Cultural and Tourism will continue to promote traditional and intangible cultural heritage, inspiring more overseas tourists to come and discover the enchanting charm of ‘Shui Yun Jiangsu.

Mina Su
Jiangsu Tourism(North America) Promotion Center
[email protected]

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