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SHENZHEN, CHINA, December 29, 2023 / — JellieMons, the creative force behind a special array of characters, has announced its latest expansion into new international markets. This strategic move is set to increase the brand’s presence beyond its current scope, further establishing JellieMons as a global IP leader. The core philosophy of “Little Mons, Big Power!” continues to drive the brand, underscoring the potential within each individual, regardless of size or appearance.

Global Footprint of JellieMons

With the expansion, JellieMons aims to build upon its already significant global footprint. The brand’s plush toys, known for their vibrant colors and expressive designs, are currently celebrated in over 130 theme parks worldwide, including major locations in the United States and Europe. This expansion will extend JellieMons’ reach to even more countries, solidifying its position as a universally appealing brand.

JellieMons: An Odyssey of Resilience

Central to JellieMons’ narrative is the quest for Jajabooma energy, symbolizing life’s journey filled with challenges and discoveries. This story of resilience and creativity resonates with audiences globally, mirroring the brand’s expansion journey.

Accolades and Achievements

JellieMons’ distinctive approach in the IP field has garnered numerous accolades, including the “IP BANK” award and the “Jade Monkey Award.” These recognitions are a testament to the brand’s influence and excellence in the intellectual property domain.

Strategic Collaborations and Licensing Ventures

In line with its expansion, JellieMons has fortified collaborations with key international players, including partnerships with prominent amusement parks and hotel groups. This includes new agreements with InterContinental Hotels Group and the Ritz-Carlton, aiming to enhance global visibility and visitor experiences. Additionally, the success of co-branded 3C products and cultural promotions, like the China Finger Skate Board Competition with FanTeam, marks a significant milestone in JellieMons’ growth.

Inspiring Creativity and Empowering Individuals

At its essence, JellieMons remains committed to inspiring creativity and empowering individuals. The brand’s mission is to enable people to embrace their inner ‘little Mons,’ fostering a spirit of resilience and creativity.

Envisioning the Future

JellieMons is dedicated to continuing its journey of innovation and expansion, bringing joy and creativity to people worldwide. This expansion signifies a new chapter in JellieMons’ story, one where the brand aims to inspire, create, and dream on a larger, more diverse global stage.

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