Jeff LeBlanc, AMAG Technology, VP, Talks About “New Approach” To Professional Services, “Customer-First” Culture & More

Jeff LeBlanc, VP, Professional Services, AMAG Technology

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AMAG Technology Professional Services specializes in helping companies maximize their investment in their Symmetry Security Management System for greater ROI.

We are honored to chat today with Jeff LeBlanc, AMAG Technology, VP, about the “New Approach” To Professional Services, AMAG’s “Customer-First” Culture, and more !”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 7, 2023/ — Thank you for joining us again today, Jeff. Much has changed since we spoke one year ago ( about your Professional Services Team at AMAG, and it’s a very exciting time at your company right now! AMAG’s new President, David Sullivan ( , is in place, and we understand that you are implementing a “new approach” to Professional Services. Let’s start there, if we may, please recap for us, what is AMAG Technology Professional Services and what is your vision and new approach for this Group under your leadership.

Jeff LeBlanc: Thanks for having me. We just officially launched AMAG Technology Professional Services. AMAG Technology Professional Services offers specialized technical resources and services to help our channel partners and customers with any aspect of their Security and IT infrastructure. Our goal is to add value by producing positive outcomes and reducing the cost of ownership for all installed systems. Some things have not changed, of course, such as AMAG’s “customer first” culture. David Sullivan recently said, “Instilling a customer-first culture is at the forefront of my mission as president ( , and our entire organization continues to work hard to support all of our channel partners to the greatest extent possible.” Please share with us, Jeff, how the new approach for the Professional Services Team that you lead is in sync with AMAG’s customer-first values.

Jeff LeBlanc: Our group has a single customer satisfaction mindset. That may sound cliche but we are not concerned with anything outside of a positive outcome for our customers. This goes beyond specific project work as we are always looking to optimize their security infrastructure. We dive deep with the customer, discovering workflows, which allow us to leverage features to streamline business operations and improve efficiencies throughout their Security operations. We want our integrators to look at AMAG Technology Professional Services as a specialized resource, that is part of their team, helping them deliver to their customers. We are seeing an emerging trend in the Professional Services space whereby providers are “customizing” and bundling a package of technology, support, preventative maintenance, and other services, into an “As A Service” package. Your strategy seems to be right in line with this trend. Care to elaborate?

Jeff LeBlanc: In developing this new strategy, we felt the growing demand from customers for more comprehensive and flexible solutions. This led us to an innovative approach that revolves around delivering our services as a package. We leverage our technology, support, customer management, preventive maintenance and additional services to suit the unique requirements of each customer. By bundling our services with our Symmetry systems, we create a holistic solution that benefits our customers. By engaging with our customers at this level, they receive sustained value and a more intimate partnership.

Ultimately, our “As A Service” approach reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and meeting the evolving demands of our clients. It empowers businesses to focus on their core competencies while leaving the intricacies of Symmetry and related technology to our capable hands. What is your perspective Jeff, regarding the benefits to the customer in terms of return on investment, support, and fast access to a highly qualified team of experienced IT specialists?

Jeff LeBlanc: The customer wins. Our team of specialists can deploy a strategy that allows us to react quickly to implement efficient systems, automation, and effective strategies that enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and improve overall operational efficiency. Two of our services, Preventive Maintenance and Health Checks proactively identify and resolve infrastructure, configuration, and programming anomalies with Symmetry before they cause disruptions. All this minimizes downtime, improving system reliability and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our customers can sleep at night because our team is here to help. With a 50+ years of experience, and a track record that is second to none in the security space, these benefits would seem to add even more to AMAG’s already superior competitive position and value proposition. Your thoughts on this, Jeff, WHY AMAG, especially in today’s challenging business environment?

Jeff LeBlanc: Many companies now implement cost-saving measures. AMAG Technology Professional Services specializes in helping companies maximize their investment in their Symmetry Security Management System, allowing them to stretch their budget. Companies can leverage Symmetry to help solve a business or operational challenge, which can also improve efficiencies.

AMAG’s Symmetry product portfolio works together, offering a total solution. Our team helps demonstrate how Symmetry can be used to address a wide range of organizational needs. By providing a unified suite of products and services, AMAG becomes a single-source provider, ensuring that our customers can obtain all the necessary tools and support. Our dedicated support further reinforces the value we bring to our clients who demand streamlined and efficient operations. Can we talk about success stories for a moment? The situation you shared with us last time was quite compelling:

“I received a call on a Saturday from one of our enterprise customers who did not have an active Pro Services job, but was the victim of a severe network hack and denial of service attack. This customer wanted our help rebuilding our Symmetry Access Control application with a recent database backup on a separate server and network. My team and I organized our resources, worked the entire weekend on video calls and the customer was back up and running by Monday morning.”

Very impressive, indeed, any other success stories you would like to mention?

Jeff LeBlanc: One recent customer had to stand up a Symmetry Hosted Access Control and Identity Management system and bring buildings online across the globe in a very tight timeline. We utilized our project management methodology to ensure we had all of the customer requirements and created detailed project artifacts to keep both sides accountable for meeting the customer deliverables. Our Professional Services team then stepped in and made it all happen, driving complex technical solutions on both sides, automating the entire database load, setting up multiple data integrations, best practice configurations and programming that allowed for a seamless transition to production to bring buildings online. We understand that AMAG will be at GSX 11-13 September, 2023, Dallas, TX. Any early-bird news you want to share with our readers at this time?

Jeff LeBlanc: It’s an exciting time at AMAG. We’ve recently welcomed four new leaders to the organization, including a new position, Director of Commercial Excellence. This person’s primary role is to interface and improve relationships with technology partners and customers. Our President, David Sullivan is transforming the business inside and out. Keep your eye on AMAG as you will see more announcements and changes in the next 6 – 18 months. Thank you again for joining us today, Jeff. We look forward to hearing more updates about your Professional Services team going forward. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss today?

Jeff LeBlanc: Our customers and integrators are tested daily to do more with less. AMAG Technology Professional Services is here to be the special forces unit, providing specialized technical expertise to help our integrators and customers optimize their field resources in a variety of ways, including optimizing their Symmetry Security Management Systems and infrastructure.

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