James Gunn debunks conspiracy theory that he was planning Superman’s reboot during The Suicide Squad

As Gunn’s Superman production continues, a new theory suggests Gunn planned Cavill’s departure while making The Suicide Squad.

Filming for James Gunn’s Superman seems to be going smoothly. However, there is still a stigma surrounding the film as fans of the DCEU are still maintaining that Henry Cavill’s Superman should have been given more chances to flourish. However, there is now a theory that Gunn may have forced Cavill and the DECU into the phantom zone when Nathan Fillion gave people the impression that Gunn has been working on his DCU reboot since 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

According to Deadline, Fillion, a friend of Gunn’s, turned heads when he told an anecdote on Collider, “We were actually at the premiere party after Suicide Squad and he [Gunn] was in a huge crowd of people. …He goes, ‘Hey, did Peter [Safran] tell you what we’ve got for you next?’ I said, ‘No, he hasn’t said.’ He looked around like someone was gonna be listening. We were in a throng of people, but he leaned over and said, ‘You’re gonna be Guy Gardner.’” This prompted people to think that Gunn had been planning the DCU way before the DCEU was considered to end at Warner Bros.

A fan quoted Fillion to Gunn on Threads, and since Gunn would normally engage with fans, he would explain that Fillion had mistakingly said it was the premiere of The Suicide Squad when it was actually the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, when Gunn had already been planning for Superman. “I don’t quite understand how that fits,” Gunn addressed on Threads. “Aside from the fact I had no interest in running DC until Peter decided to do it with me so he could do the exec stuff & I could focus on creative, when I was hired to write Superman it was always intended as & pitched as a new Superman story, so why would I lie about not planning that at the Squad premiere which would have amounted to the same thing at the end of the day? How does this particular conspiracy theory make sense?”

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