James And James Fulfilment Release Answers To Customers’ Most Asked Questions Ahead Of Its Australian Fulfilment Centre Launch

Willawong, Australia – James and James Fulfilment, an international fulfilment partner for eCommerce brands and companies, is excited to announce the release of answers to customers’ most asked questions about its Australian Fulfilment Centre that will be launched in the first week of August.

Written by the founders and owners of James and James Fulfilment, these set of questions and answers are designed to give insight into why the company has expanded from America and Europe to Australia, what the new centre is offering customers, how to get started with the company at its new location and further details on the technology and space utilised at the new Fulfilment Centre Australia.

The founders of James and James Fulfilment said, “We’re super excited to usher in the next chapter of this journey. Our expansion into Australia isn’t just for us; it’s for our clients, too. That’s why as we near the launch of our Australian Fulfilment Centre, we thought for those interested in learning more or kicking things off in Australia, we’d provide a bit more information.”

Some of the questions the founders answered include:

So, why Australia?

“After setting up two fulfilment centres in the USA and one in Europe, Australia was the next

logical choice. Australia’s eCommerce industry is worth £ 30.3 billion, and that’s set to grow

by 33% over the next four years. Australia is huge, but it also has a fantastic career network. That means that when you hold stock in Australia, you get goods to customers in 1-4 days, wherever they are on the continent.”

And why Brisbane?

“Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, which just so happens to be the fastest-growing

state in Australia. Currently accounting for over 20% of Australia’s total population, there’s

lots of investment planned for the region. Additionally, the geographical location of Brisbane – slap bang in the middle of the country’s Eastern side – makes it the perfect place to offer next-day delivery to the East Coast. With our new Brisbane Fulfilment Centre, we’re ensuring that both we and our clients continue to grow – together.”

Do I need to be an existing James and James client to set up in Australia? 

“Absolutely not! Our Australian fulfilment centre is open to any established eCommerce brand that wants to explore the eCom market down under.”

Do you offer the same inventory management tools in Australia? 

“Yes! Our award-winning inventory management platform, ControlPort, is connected to our Australian site. This allows you to seamlessly manage stock in Australia (and any other of our fulfilment centres you use) in real-time, from one simple, user-friendly interface.”

A Sneak Peek into James and James Australia

At the new James and James Fulfilment Centre in Brisbane, Australia, the company offers:

  • Up to 200,000 sq ft of available space for clients to grow their businesses.
  • 2 pm cut off for same-day dispatch; this ensures the same quick delivery times that are provided at James and James Fulfilment Centres in the UK, EU, and US.
  • Seamless inventory management through ControlPort, which allows companies to manage stock in Australia and any other James and James Fulfilment Centres through a simple, intuitive dashboard.
  • Unmatched visibility on all stock moving in, through, and out of the Australian Fulfilment Centre.
  • Export support to enable a smooth Goods In and to help get everything in order for Australian customs and laws.
  • Optional ongoing advice for companies that want to get the most out of the Australian market.

About James and James Fulfilment

With over 12 years of experience, James and James Fulfilment is an international fulfilment partner with industry-leading customer service and dedicated client support.

James and James Fulfilment provides eCommerce companies with the tools and support to grow their businesses without limits and has earned two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and International Trade, Financial Times 1000 status and made the Sunday Times’ list of 100 fastest growing businesses twice.

More information

To find out more about James and James Fulfilment and its release of answers to customers’ most asked questions about its Australian Fulfilment Centre, please visit the website at https://www.ecommercefulfilment.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/james-and-james-fulfilment-release-answers-to-customers-most-asked-questions-ahead-of-its-australian-fulfilment-centre-launch/

About James and James Fulfilment – Willawong

After working with multiple fulfilment companies, James Hyde and James Strachan began to get fed up with outdated systems, inefficient operations, and unhappy customers. So, instead of moving to the next fulfilment partner, they founded their own. James and James Fulfilment was born.

Contact James and James Fulfilment – Willawong

Warehouse 3.1, 221 Gooderham Road


QLD 4110


Website: https://www.ecommercefulfilment.com/

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