Jacqualine Jenkins & Gaye Ictech Release Hilarious Memoir “My ,000.00 Gerbil”

A Rollercoaster Ride of Laughter, Resilience, and the Unforgettable Quest for Peace

UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Jacqualine Jenkins, alongside her co-author Gaye Ictech, proudly presents their uproarious memoir, “My $3,000.00 Gerbil,” recounting the unbelievable three-year saga of Gaye’s battle against the elusive gerbil named Speedy. Published by Kindle Amazon, this book promises readers a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter to disbelief, as they join Gaye on her quest for peace amidst a pest control nightmare.

In “My $3,000.00 Gerbil,” readers will follow Gaye’s journey of perseverance, resilience, and humor as she faces the challenges of dealing with a mischievous gerbil wreaking havoc in her home. With wit and determination, Gaye navigates through the ups and downs of this unexpected ordeal, shedding light on the lengths a mother will go to protect her family.

“At 80, with a seventh-grade education, I emerged from a challenging childhood in Kansas City, spending crucial years in a Mennonite Children’s Home,” shares Jacqualine Jenkins. “After some early life struggles, at the age of nineteen, I became Kansas City’s youngest Playboy Bunny for eleven years, leading to a transformed life. I’ve embraced a life of sailing, skiing, scuba diving, and traveling. Slowing down a little, I recently penned a child’s book for my grandchildren, sparking a newfound passion for writing.”

With credentials as diverse as her experiences, Jacqualine Jenkins brings a unique perspective to her storytelling. Her previous works, including “Double-o-Penguin Detective,” “Double-o- Penquin at Mardi Gras,” and “An Unforgettable Eye Witness,” have garnered acclaim for their wit and originality, setting the stage for the hilarity that awaits readers in “My $3,000.00 Gerbil.”

“What made me write the book? The first one was a thought about cleaning Lake Ponchartrain. The second was excitement from the first book. The third one was more excitement but wanted something no one else has written about. The fourth was a true story my girlfriend, Gaye Ictech, told me about. I thought it was so funny I told her it had to be a book or movie,” explains Jenkins.

Readers can expect more than just a good laugh from “My $3,000.00 Gerbil.” Through Gaye’s escapades, Jenkins and Ictech deliver a message of resilience, friendship, and the importance of finding humor in life’s unexpected challenges.

About the Authors:

Jacqualine Jenkins is an acclaimed author known for her wit and storytelling prowess. Emerging from a challenging childhood, she went on to become Kansas City’s youngest Playboy Bunny, leading to a transformative journey filled with adventure and discovery. Her previous works include “Double-o-Penguin Detective,” “Double-o- Penquin at Mardi Gras,” and “An Unforgettable Eye Witness.”

Gaye Ictech is the inspiration behind “My $3,000.00 Gerbil,” sharing her real-life experiences with humor and resilience. As a close friend of Jacqualine Jenkins, Gaye’s story has been immortalized in this hilarious memoir, offering readers a glimpse into her unforgettable journey.

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