Is Tom Brady Showing Age? 5 Things We Learned From The Patriots Game

Is Tom Brady Showing Age? 5 Things We Learned From The Patriots Game

Patriots game: Punt blocked and returned for a TD

Fun Fact: New England is 13-6 overall on Thursday nights. Bill Belichick is 13-3 for his career while Tom Brady is 11-1.

Fun Fact: A short turnaround hasn’t seemed to bother the Patriots, who have won seven straight on Thursday Night Football. Since the NFL introduced the Thursday night format in 2006, the Pats have the best winning percentage and record 9-2 in the league at .818. (Pretty sure the Patriots lead any category that is based on winning percentage)

First of all, I loved the Rob Gronkowski commercial that FOX debuted last night. It was hilarious, and it was vintage Gronk. I was going to post it here but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Moving on to the Patriots game, Tom Brady & Co. got off to another slow start. Credit the Giants defense they had a great game plan coming in and their pass rush was getting to Tom Brady early and throwing off his rhythm. The defense, once again looked dominant and made Rookie QB Daniel Jones look like, well, a rookie.

The Patriots Game

On the first drive the Patriots were matching down the field and gaining huge chunks of yardage. Looked like it was going to be one of those games. But the Giants held up and ultimately forced a turnover on downs when the Patriots attempted a 4th down call from the Giants 19 yard line. I do wonder tho, I feel like if they had Stephen Gostkowski, they would’ve kicked the field goal in that situation. But they didn’t and they did not convert and it was a really big stop for the Giants. It really set the tone for the first half. Here are the Patriots first five drives:

Patriots Drives Table # Quarter Time LOS Plays Length Yds Result 1115:00NWE 2873:4553Downs 219:44NWE 2031:506Punt 317:07NYG 43100:200Interception 415:23NWE 1261:5224Punt 5213:58NWE 1573:1228Punt

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Tom Brady was under pressure constantly, they couldn’t get the run game going, and receivers weren’t getting open. The Giants kept the Patriots game close, it was a one score game heading into the fourth quarter before the Patriots finally pulled away. Also, it was very uncharacteristic of Tom Brady, but he and Julian Edelman seemed to not be on the same page in the first half, leading to his interception after the defense had just gotten one the previous drive. They did get hot towards the end, and eventually had amassed over 400 yards. Tom Brady finished 31-41 for 334 yards, 1 INT, 2 rushing touchdowns, and 2 fumbles. One of which he recovered. Sony Michel finished with 86 yards on 22 attempts. And Julian Edelman had a great game, 113 receiving yards on 9 catches.

My number one takeaway from the Patriots game is that they need help offensively. Bill Belichick should look to trade for OBJ for some picks.

Do Your Job

Let’s talk about their defense. Not much to say here that hasn’t already been said. Outside of the one touchdown to Golden Tate, Daniel Jones couldn’t do anything against these DBs. Even the throws he completed were highly contested throws and very tight windows. I never saw a receiver that was actually open, (like more than 2-3 yards of separation).

The Pats defense has had at least five sacks in four straight games, setting a new franchise record. They have 24 sacks so far and are on pace for a 77-sack season (That’s crazy talk!), which would be an NFL record. The 1984 Chicago Bears hold the record with 72 sacks.

This one is my favorite:

Also, Stephon Gilmore is the best cornerback in football right now, I don’t care what anyone says. I know Jalen Ramsey can play, but you can’t ignore what Stephon has been doing.

Special Teams

Once again, the special teams for the Patriots was made a huge play early in the game with a blocked punt and a return for a touchdown.

Oh and their rookie punter? He’s pretty good. Very accurate punter with a strong leg.

I said this in a previous post, but Mike Nugent, the field goal kicker is going to pose some problems for the Patriots. It hasn’t been a problem so far since the Patriots are winning by such a large margin but I fear once they see better teams it might hurt them. Potentially cost them a game in the playoffs. I think Bill Belichick knows this too and is trying to protect him by being more aggressive on those fourth and down calls.

The New York Giants

I think the Giants and Daniel Jones will be just fine. They were expected to lose by a large margin and that’s what happened. Daniel Jones was pressured constantly and none of his receivers were open, but I think that’s more good Patriots than bad Giants. They did come out and set the tone early and kept the Patriots game close until the fourth quarter. Their defense showed up to play yesterday.

And there you have it. I’ll be releasing my picks for Sunday tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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