Intuitive Annette Reed-Gerzsik to be Featured on Close Up Radio

LA CRESCENT, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2023 / — Now more than ever we seek guidance and answers as we struggle with life’s pressing issues. That we can receive gentle assistance from divine messengers every day. I want to help people connect and become more aware that we all have angels, guides, and deceased loved ones and we are never alone. No matter how bad things may seem our spirit helpers are there to provide loving support. That’s why many turn to Annette for a psychic/mediumship reading. It’s a beautiful way to find direction and whatever life is challenging you with.

Annette Reed-Gerzsik is a successful psychic medium that connects with angel guides, deceased loved ones, and Mother Earth. Her passion is helping people find their way to healing, clarity, and guidance on their next step forward.

Their spirit team wants everyone to live their best life. By tuning into her spirit guides, Annette turns to a higher source of power and her own her inner guidance to deliver messages of divine love with honesty and compassion. She connects us with our guides offering us insightful, truthful readings empowering us in love and light towards our life’s purpose bringing us to our highest good.

Through her readings, we become more aware, enlightened, looking at our situations from a different perspective with more positivity and renewed sense of hope.

She mentors her clients on how to be loving and gentle with themselves while giving healing words from their team in spirit to a new journey of self-discovery. We find profound insight, wisdom, and direction so we can make the best possible life decisions.

Besides angels, Annette also relays messages from our Mother Earth because nature is so profoundly healing inducing inner peace that brings to life our energetic frequencies. We connect with our true inner selves from her purest energy. Nature calms, soothes u, even when we are feeling highly anxious and stressed out. As the embodiment of the Divine feminine, Mother Earth nurtures us and reminds us of our interconnectedness to each other, animals, and the planet. Each Mother Earth message is unique and personal to each individual person.

As a psychic medium, Annette also communicates with our departed loved ones to receive answers we are looking for. We feel a sense of relief as she provides closure, clarity, and comfort. If you have questions for your departed loved ones, she invites you to ask them during the reading.

Readings can take place in person, phone readings, email readings, ZOOM, Google Duo, and photo readings.

Annette feels honored and grateful for the work she does every day that gives us profound insight, wisdom, and direction so we can make the best possible life decisions.

Don’t miss Annette’s interview with Jim Masters and prepare for a new world of divine radiant possibilities.

Close Up Radio recently featured Annette Reed Gerzsik with host Jim Masters on Wednesday October 4th at 3pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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