InterWorld Metaverse to Support Cross-chain Capabilities

GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN, GRAND CAYMAN, August 4, 2023/ — InterWorld, a groundbreaking 3D metaverse application, is set to introduce plans to support cross-chain capabilities in its ever-expanding digital universe. With an ambitious aim for worldwide mass adoption, the platform has been designed focusing on a user-friendly interface, device accessibility, robust security measures, engaging content, real-world utility, cultural localization, partnerships, and crucially, cross-blockchain capabilities.

Cross-chain capabilities facilitate the interoperability between different blockchain networks, enabling assets and information to be transferred between different chains seamlessly. The integration of this technology into the InterWorld platform brings about several key benefits:

1. Increased Interoperability: Ensuring different virtual worlds within the metaverse communicate and interact with each other for a cohesive experience.

2. Asset Portability: Enabling users to move digital assets, such as virtual real estate or clothing, between different platforms, increasing usability and value.

3. Enhanced User Experience: Offering a seamless and unified experience, with the ability to participate in various ecosystems without separate accounts.

4. Decentralization and Security: Relying on decentralized protocols to reduce the risk of failure, enhancing overall security.

5. Greater Inclusivity: Making the metaverse more accessible to various audiences, irrespective of the underlying blockchain.

6. Economic Growth and Innovation: Opening new possibilities for collaboration, fostering creativity and economic growth.

7. Community Collaboration: Encouraging developers to create compatible products, enriching user experience.

8. Democratizing Development: Lowering entry barriers for developers, encouraging a richer variety of experiences.

The integration of cross-chain capabilities represents a groundbreaking step towards an interconnected, accessible, and dynamic virtual world, in line with InterWorld’s vision of bringing the world together in a vibrant, secure, and inclusive digital universe.

About InterWorld:

InterWorld is a 3D metaverse application aiming for worldwide mass adoption. It combines cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface, device accessibility, affordability, robust security measures, engaging content, real-world utility, cultural localization & partnerships and cross-blockchain capabilities. InterWorld is where the world comes together in a digital space that is both thrilling and safe.

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