Interviews: David Duchovny, Logan Marshall-Green, and Stephanie Beatriz talk Reverse the Curse

We talk about the comedy-drama with the writer/director and stars of the baseball-themed film.

Last Updated on June 21, 2024

David Duchovny made his film directorial debut with House of D in 2004. While he has helmed multiple television series episodes, including The X-Files, Bones, Californication, and Aquarius, Duchovny has spent more of the last twenty years writing novels than helming projects. His sophomore film effort behind the camera is Reverse The Curse, based on Duchovny’s novel Bucky F*ing Dent. Bringing together friends in the industry for supporting roles and casting Logan Marshall-Green and Stephanie Beatriz alongside himself, this is an emotional comedy-drama with a sports theme.

Reverse The Curse follows Ted (Logan Marshall-Green) who works as a peanut slinger at Yankee Stadium. Having a terse relationship with his father, Marty (David Duchovny), Ted returns home to learn his dad is dying of cancer. At the suggestion of Marty’s nurse Mariana (Stephanie Beatriz), Ted learns about his father’s past and what led to their distance from one another. As the relationship between father and son strengthens, Ted undergoes a plan to hide Marty’s beloved Red Sox and their iconic fall from grace in 1978 while discovering more about himself. It is a funny and bittersweet story about grief, family, moving on, and the healing power of sports.

I got to talk with the main trio from Reverse the Curse about the project. David Duchovny, a fan favorite from his Fox Mulder days, talked about how his role as Marty was partially inspired by Darren McGavin whom he directed on The X-Files. Logan Marshall-Green talked about this being a rare chance to play a comedic role and how he would love to do more of it in the future. Stephanie Beatriz talked about how different playing Mariana was from her broader roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Twisted Metal and where she found the balance between drama and humor in this project. Check out the full interview in the embed above, and our review of the film HERE.

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