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Human is the Brain of the Robot

Victory is BEST and Shared with Many

Victory is BEST and Shared with Many

Hands Off - It's a Robot BEST Lap

Hands Off – It’s a Robot BEST Lap

In the first season after celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, BEST brings mentors and students to the intersection between innovation and life-saving.

The marriage of robotics and medicine is a match made in heaven, with the potential to revolutionize healthcare and save countless lives.”

— Dr. Peter Kim, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Brown University

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2023/ — In the first season after celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, BEST Robotics brings mentors and their students to the intersection between innovation and lifesaving technologies. Given the recent COVID-19 epidemic, innovation in health care can’t come soon enough to help the world combat the next worldwide epidemic. And who is better to face this challenge than middle and high school students – because they will be the future of innovation.

BEST Robotics, the international creativity and skills acceleration organization, invites this year’s students and mentors to explore the intersection of innovation and lifesaving through a 360-degree process that mirrors real-life healthcare innovation. Students are presented with an array of problems and challenges that they must respond to by formulating strategies, designing solutions, and developing technologies, all within the context of saving a fellow human being.

Students must not only come up with a unique technology solution aimed at saving lives but must be able to document their intellectual property, explain how to market their solution, create a budget for the development of their technology, create a presentation justifying the value of their solution, and much more.

At the heart of this season’s focus, students will research the technology available for minimally invasive surgeries. Hundreds of teams, made up of thousands of school students, will research new areas of healthcare, anatomy of the human body, issues surrounding hospitalization, budgets for surgery, and many other healthcare topics.

In this season, titled Incision Decision, they will grow into the role of both innovator and physician in a hospital setting, pushing the boundaries of their current knowledge and experiences. They will learn and find innovative ways to help alleviate the pain of patients requiring immediate intervention, and, in a sense, they will become a team of physicians who must make the incision decision.

The goal of the BEST competition is not only to create viable and innovative solutions to the problem presented but to ensure students acquire skills that will help them long after the competition ends – skills that will help them in their life journey. Together, educational and industry mentors and students will invest tirelessly to ensure students learn life skills that will help them grow as innovators of the future.

About BEST Robotics

The thirty-year history of Best Robotics influencing and inspiring America’s youth is a testimonial to the power of transformative, project-based, experiential engagement. A national non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, BEST, has changed the lives of under-resourced students through the creation of programs that are economically accessible and inclusive. BEST challenges both the mind and spirit, exciting and motivating students to think bigger, aim higher.

Founded in 1993, BEST Robotics operates 29 licensed hubs across 14 states, serving approximately 418 schools and 6,500 students annually. Through partnerships with higher education, tech schools, and organizations, BEST Robotics’ hubs manage local delivery of the program with the help of 2,000 volunteers from hundreds of corporate and community supporters.”

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