Indie Author M. J. Simms-Maddox Unveils “The Mysterious Affair at the Met” – A Thrilling Tale of Deceit and Detection

Unraveling the Enigma of “The Mysterious Affair at the Met”

UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — Renowned indie author M. J. Simms-Maddox invites readers on a riveting journey through the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her latest release, “The Mysterious Affair at the Met.” In this captivating installment of ‘the Priscilla series,’ Simms-Maddox crafts a tale of intrigue, fraud, and unexpected alliances that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

Set against the backdrop of New York City, “The Mysterious Affair at the Met” opens on a rainy day at the iconic museum, where an ordinary visit takes an extraordinary turn. As museum-goers flock to the Met, two enigmatic figures in matching trench coats draw attention as they converge around a particular painting in the Marc Chagall Gallery. Meanwhile, a docent notices something amiss with one of the artworks, triggering a series of events that culminate in a museum-wide lockdown.

Enter Priscilla, the series’ fearless protagonist, who finds herself embroiled in the unfolding drama while grappling with her husband’s sudden amnesia. As a seasoned intelligence operative, Priscilla brings her unique skills to bear as she navigates the labyrinth of deceit and deception lurking within the Met’s walls. With her wit, resourcefulness, and determination, Priscilla races against time to uncover the truth behind “the mysterious affair at the Met.”

Author M. J. Simms-Maddox is no stranger to crafting gripping narratives that blend suspense, intrigue, and political intrigue. With a Ph.D. in political science and a background in public relations and academia, Simms-Maddox brings a wealth of experience to her writing, enriching her stories with depth and authenticity.

“I wanted to show the lighter side of Priscilla, more of her personal life. The art world was perfect,” says Simms-Maddox. “In ‘The Mysterious Affair at the Met,’ readers will embark on a thrilling adventure filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations.”

Simms-Maddox’s previous works have garnered acclaim for their engaging storytelling and thought-provoking themes. “The Mysterious Affair at the Met” promises to captivate readers with its blend of mystery, suspense, and artful intrigue.

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