HumanUnity Global Announces HumanUnity Day on Friday, 24th November 2023

HumanUnity: Where hearts connect, minds unite, and differences fade.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — HumanUnity Global, a beacon of hope and catalyst for positive change, is pleased to formally announce the launch of HumanUnity Day. This annual celebration, which is to be held on Friday, 24th November 2023, marks a global movement towards unity, understanding, and compassion, inviting people from all walks of life to join hands in creating a better world.

At its very core, HumanUnity Day stems from a shared belief in the extraordinary potential within each individual to dissolve barriers, bridge distances, and build a world where kindness and compassion prevail. Rooted in the profound words of Mother Teresa, who said, “I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there,” HumanUnity Global envisions a day dedicated to proactively promoting peace, empathy, and positive change.

According to the passionate leaders at HumanUnity Global, there are a number of ways participants can get involved in HumanUnity Day, including:

1. Curate a Top 10 Playlist: In the spirit of Human Unity, participants can curate a top 10 playlist that echoes the message of unity, positivity, and understanding. They can then share their playlist on social media using #HumanUnitySoundtrack #HumanUnityPlaylist.

2. Be Heard: Download the exciting HumanUnity banners and posters from, or craft a personal, impactful social media post, echoing the message of unity far and wide. Use #HumanUnityDay and #UnityInAction to be part of the global conversation.

3. Play It Loud and Proud: On Friday, 24th November 2023, let the world hear your top 10 playlist – played loud and proud! During HumanUnity Day, share music with the world, spreading the vibes of unity and positivity. Tag #HumanUnitySoundtrack #HumanUnityPlaylist to connect with others sharing their playlists.

4. Save the Date: Be sure to make note of HumanUnity Day on Friday, 24th November 2023 in a calendar.

5. Positive Vibrations: In the spirit of Human Unity, share your playlist on social media using #HumanUnitySoundtrack #HumanUnityPlaylist.

“Through events such as HumanUnity Day, our mission is to dissolve barriers and bridge distances among people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs,” says Director of HumanUnity Global, Joy Maitland.” By fostering understanding and compassion, we strive to create a harmonious global community.”

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About HumanUnity Global

HumanUnity Global is a leading force in positive social change, dedicated to fostering unity, understanding, and compassion on a global scale. The organization recognises the power of collective action and strives to provide a platform where diverse voices converge. Through community outreach, educational initiatives, and advocacy campaigns, HumanUnity Global believes in the transformative impact of unity at the grassroots level. Its goal is to create a ripple effect – empowering individuals to be agents of change, fostering dialogue, and promoting understanding on a global scale.

The organization is a steadfast advocate for positive action, believing in five core actionable values:

– Acknowledging Harm: HumanUnity Global acknowledges the harm caused by collective blindness, striving for awareness, and understanding.

– Uniting through Empathy: It envisions a world where empathy and compassion unite people, celebrating shared humanity’s beauty.

– Small Gestures, Big Impact: The organization recognises the profound impact of small gestures, creating significant ripples of change.

– Strong Communities: HumanUnity Global believes in building strong communities on mutual respect and support, promoting unity and resilience.

– Valuing Every Voice: It believes in the unity of hearts and minds, working toward a world where every voice is valued and respected.

HumanUnity Global is sponsored by inemmo UK and BeTheChangeInternational.

Joy Maitland or Atiya Sheikh
HumanUnity Global
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