How to Re-Define and Live a Remarkable Life and Find What’s Truly Important Post-Pandemic

Master Coach and Creator of The Remarkable Life Method, Caryn Gillen

The Remarkable Life Podcast with Caryn Gillen

The Remarkable Life Podcast with Caryn Gillen

According to Master Coach and Creator of The Remarkable Life Method, Caryn Gillen, it is a Deep Alignment of and Reverence for Your Strengths and Values

We are experiencing a collective midlife crisis and waking up to the realization that the things we thought would make us happy just don’t work.”

— Master Coach Caryn Gillen

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, October 24, 2023 / — Almost four years into the pandemic, people around the globe are still feeling the reverberations of social isolation, illness, job loss and financial instability. How do we feel better and embrace life when so much around us feels shaky and uncertain?

According to Master Coach Caryn Gillen, the way people traditionally define success and the things they strived for in the past – the bigger house, flashy cars, more money, more followers, more things – aren’t working. “We are experiencing a collective mid-life crisis and waking up to the realization that the things we thought would make us happy just don’t work. We are realizing how out of alignment we are and how much we need recalibration,” says Caryn, “A remarkable life doesn’t come from accumulating more things, it is the result of deep personal awareness and a north star of authenticity.”

“What is the difference between not being dead and being actually alive?”

This is the question that Esther Perel recently asked of Jennifer Aniston in her role as Alex Levy on The Morning Show. In what has often felt like an apocalyptic world in the last few years, so many people have barely held it together, doing everything they can to stay alive for “life’s sake” versus being alive to LIVE – to taste, savor and fully experience everything that life has to offer.

They’re now on the other side, changed, tired, and questioning everything. But did they live through this just to be alive – or are they here to LIVE?

Caryn says, “When you get asked a gut-punch, truth bomb kind of question like the one Esther Perel asked Alex Levy, it points out misalignment and presents an opportunity to redirect and perhaps come into alignment for the first time.”

Once someone is clear on what they don’t want, it opens a path for what they do. According to Caryn, to tune into a remarkable life, it’s imperative to identify values, set clear goals, assess the present moment, release any drag and open more capacity or amplify what’s already working.

The Remarkable Life Method process includes:

o Clear away the mental and physical clutter – anything that gets in the way of being able to listen and hear the nudges and invitations that are trying to get attention.

o Collect and look at the clues that have been identified.

o Take stock of strengths and values and be willing to take courageous steps towards desire. The key is inspired action.

o Collect the data, note the experience of it, and check in for fulfillment daily. First steps may not be THE thing, but they are a guide to a new direction.

The Remarkable Life Method is a recalibration. It is an opportunity for someone to define their WHY, learn how to release what they don’t want so they can make space for what they do. Most people weren’t trained to dream beyond the house and two kids, but when they release what’s not working and embrace their own way in the world, there’s a space that opens. In that space is where the energy is found and the way forward begins to feel alive again.

Master Coach Caryn Gillen helps remarkable humans do remarkable things. She takes the big picture views, asks the unexpected questions and helps her clients get to the heart of what they really, really want. Her primary focus is helping her clients do life their way and find joy again, while taking the most impactful route. Caryn is a former therapist with a master’s in counseling psychology, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through Coaches Training Institute, a Master Coach through The Life Coach School and a Certified Equity Centered Leadership Coach. She is the host of The Remarkable Life Podcast.

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