HLX Unveils Platform with Patrick Willis, Laquon Treadwell and Julianna Dunne as Founding Partners

Laquon Treadwell, Julianna Dunne, Patrick Willis

HLX Signs recently announced Pro Football Hall of Famer Patrick Willis, NFL Legend Laquon Treadwell and Digital Advocate Julianna Dunne as Founding Partners!

I’m excited to merge my passions for sports, Esports, and wellness with HLX Pro. Their platform empowers me to engage authentically and give back to my community.”

— Patrick Willis

RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today marks a significant milestone as HLX – High Level Experiences, a visionary platform dedicated to empowering creators, athletes, influencers, and schools, proudly launches into the digital sphere. This momentous occasion is accompanied by the esteemed presence of founding partners Pro Football Hall of Famer Patrick Willis, NFL Wide Receiver Laquon Treadwell, and social media prowess Julianna Dunne.

Patrick Willis expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m thrilled to merge my passion for traditional sports, Esports, and wellness in my partnership with HLX Pro. Their proprietary platform empowers me to authentically engage and give back to my community through activities I genuinely enjoy.-”’

Patrick Willis, an NFL icon celebrated for his legendary career with the San Francisco 49ers, now brings his passion for community engagement to the forefront through HLX. Moving beyond the confines of the football field, Willis connects with communities through a multifaceted approach, including wellness tips, hosting engaging video game tournaments, and championing youth sports.

HLX Site: http://hlx.gg/patrick-willis?rid=pr

“Excited to embark on a journey with HLX where imagination knows no bounds. Let’s redefine gaming together!” Laquon expresses his enthusiasm.

Laquon Treadwell, a prominent figure in the NFL, is not only a key player on the field but also a dedicated advocate for community building and faith. His commitment extends to hosting engaging online gaming tournaments, curating customized merchandise, and actively contributing to his nonprofit, Lead the Way Foundation. (need link to website) With a steadfast belief in the power of faith and positive connections, Laquon’s endeavors reach far beyond the realm of sports, creating a lasting impact in the lives of those he engages with.

HLX Site: http://hlx.gg/laquon-treadwell?rid=pr

Julianna Dunne, the dynamic force behind ‘theforgottensibling,’ brings her impressive social media prowess and magnetic personality to HLX. By managing the Livvy Fund, she is at the forefront of creating necessary space in the NIL landscape for female collegiate athletes at her alma mater. Julianna’s upcoming podcast launch promises to be a major success, complemented by an exciting lineup of merchandise and engaging online community tournaments and events.

HLX Site: http://hlx.gg/julz-dunne?rid=pr

As HLX proudly unveils a digital masterpiece, Chief Innovations Officer Brooke Hubbert, widely recognized as P11NK, brings over 20 years of expertise in the Esports industry and a significant social media following to underscore the platform’s significance. Shedding light on its transformative nature, she remarks, ‘Having navigated the gaming and social media space for two decades, we identified a content gap where creators had to juggle multiple platforms for their brand. Serving as a company case study, I’ve witnessed enhanced solution sales by consolidating my likeness and services on a professional platform.’

Susannah, HLX’s Business Development representative, passionately states, “HLX is about true innovation and connection. Through authentic personal branding, our proprietary platform allows our partners to genuinely create and grow with their digital communities in an ever-changing world. My personal favorite part of HLX is seeing what once were two separate communities become one through the organic combination of Esports and traditional sports.”

With a proven track record of executing high-profile productions and online events, such as the On3 Elite series event, the Campus Clash at the University of Mississippi, and Oversight Apex Legend online Tournaments, HLX showcases its prowess in delivering impactful experiences. Past acclaim has driven HLX to continually refine and professionalize its approach, ensuring optimal utilization of custom pages while preserving the essence of the bracketing system for dynamic and competitive events.

About High Level Experiences: Unleashing the Power of HLX

⦁ White Glove Service: HLX stands as a white glove service, providing support across dimensions such as design needs, social media algorithm mastery, creative content structure, and outsourcing production requirements. The platform’s commitment to innovation is evident in its tireless efforts to create a revolutionary alternative for universal content and outreach.

⦁ Audience-Centric Analytics: Harness HLX Pro’s comprehensive analytics to tailor your offerings to what resonates most with the clients audience. Track key metrics such as preferred content types, subscriber demographics, and engagement levels to gain valuable insights into what the audience likes and refine content and marketing strategies accordingly.

⦁ Branded Platform: Create a platform that reflected and aggregated all things about personal brand and resonated with audience. HLX Pro allowed to customize platform with logo, colors, and branding elements, creating a unique and immersive experience for followers.

⦁ Professional Presentation: Presented content in a credible and captivating manner using HLX Pro’s user-friendly platform. Embed all social media activity, posted YouTube videos, and even live streams. Dedicated team ensured content was showcased with personalized layouts, graphics, and insights, fostering trust and resonance with the audience.

⦁ Paywalled Integrations: Unlocked new revenue streams with HLX Pro’s versatile paywall integration. Whether sharing coaching sessions, tier lists, in-depth analysis, or exclusive content, HLX Pro enabled to monetize expertise across diverse domains, allowing to generate income from most valuable insights.

⦁ Community Engagement: Fostered a vibrant community with HLX Pro’s innovative features. Utilized SMS notification system to deliver crucial information directly to the community’s fingertips, ensuring they stayed informed and engaged. Communicated seamlessly through the brackets during tournaments, enhancing interaction and connection within the community.

⦁ Enhanced Tournament Management: Simplified the organization of intricate esports tournaments across popular titles like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more with the advanced bracket system. Effortlessly visualized matchups, communicated with players on the brackets, and engaged the audience throughout the entire event. The platform catered to a diverse range of gaming genres, including competitive titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends. This versatility enabled building strong connections within the community across various gaming preferences.

Connect with HLX – High Level Experiences

Join HLX in this groundbreaking journey as they open its doors to creators, athletes, influencers, and schools, ushering in a new era of connection and innovation.

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