“Gowri” Chronicles Immigrant Mother’s Hardships

V.G. Kumar Das’ biography recounts challenge of raising kids in a new land

MALAYSIA, August 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In “Gowri” author V.G. Kumar Das pays tribute to his mother by recounting her life story, one where she surmounted challenges as a young migrant widow in a new country while bringing up her seven children. This is a story of how positivity, dedication and willpower can shine through despite difficulties. Also, it chronicles the experience of arriving in the Malay Peninsula through the eyes of an Indian woman.

“Gowri” recounts an Indian immigrant, widow and mother’s trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows, and pivotal life moments that she shared with her children and her family. Bringing up seven children is no easy feat, but she did so with a strong spirit, benevolence and charity of heart – as well as humor and pragmatism.

This biography also shares details about the Malay Peninsula through her personal experiences, showing her perspective on historical events, as well as details about Malay and Chinese cultures. Readers will see her travels and come to know Kerala Hindu customs, which she passed on to her children and grandchildren.

Das also shares humorous anecdotes and accounts of family squabbles and reconciliations, prejudices and enlightenment, as well as the contrast between traditional and modern values that the previous generation had to contend with. All in all, “Gowri” is a memorable reading experience that shows the overlays of history, culture and spirituality as well as the enduring value of courage, resiliency, empathy and benevolence.

“My mother’s courage, resilience, boundless love and charity of the heart, her unshakeable faith in the divine and her uncompromising stand on family unity, were strong attributes that stood out in her life.” Das says. “Her life and selfless devotion is an inspiring and enduring legacy for all in the family.”

About the Author

V.G. Kumar Das was a lecturer at the University of Malaya in the Department of Chemistry in 1970, was the first holder of the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry there in 1980, and won medals and awards for his research in the field of tin-based chemicals. Throughout the years he earned titles and recognition, published journal papers and scientific books, served in distinguished positions and more. In 2010 he was elevated to Professor Emeritus in the University of Malaya and given the rank of Senior Fellow or Academician by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

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