GMS RAW’s ‘Click Clout’ challenges digital personas, setting new hip hop social media standards

“Click Clout” by GMS RAW featuring Yukmouth – A hard-hitting single exposing the reality of online personas in the hip-hop industry.

 Image of GMS RAW, symbolizing his weight loss journey and personal transformation, set against a backdrop of a serene sunset and breaking chains, representing freedom and new beginnings.

The transformative journey of GMS RAW – from overcoming personal battles to revolutionizing fitness and music.

GMS RAW in a powerful stance against a backdrop of dynamic orange energy waves, representing his impactful presence in the rap and Philadelphia hip hop culture, as featured in his new hip hop track 2024 'Click Clout'.

GMS RAW embodies the fiery spirit of Philadelphia hip hop in ‘Click Clout’, a track taking on digital personas in rap.

Digital Shadows: Unmasking the Virtual Facades in Hip Hop’s New Era

I like the layering of the voice to give it more depth”

— Clinton Sparks – Multi Platinum Producer and Songwriter

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — GMS RAW, the creator of Mechanical Muscle Management and a prominent figure in the Philadelphia rap scene and beyond, announces the release of “Click Clout,” a groundbreaking single that delves into the themes of authenticity in rap and the impact of social media in hip hop. Known for his insightful music production and compelling narratives, GMS RAW continues to push the boundaries of the genre with his latest work.

“Click Clout” is a cultural touchstone in the 2024 music release calendar, offering a critical look at the construction of digital personas and the phenomenon of online gangsters in the rap industry. The track is a call to action for genuine expression, challenging listeners to look beyond the facades often portrayed on social media platforms.

This new song features a collaboration with Yukmouth, a respected artist known for his work with Luniz and his contributions to the hip-hop community through platforms like Smoke-A-Lot Records and Yukmouth TV. The partnership amplifies the song’s authenticity and connection to the roots of hip hop.

Set to be a significant addition to Philly hip hop culture, “Click Clout” is not just an auditory experience. The official music video, produced by GMS RAW, promises to be a visual exploration of the song’s themes, contributing to the dialogue around online gangsters’ theme and the quest for authenticity in the digital age.

The track will be available for streaming on all major music platforms, including Spotify. Fans and new listeners can access the track by visiting GMS RAW on Spotify. Scheduled for release on March 1st, 2024, “Click Clout” will be a defining moment in the new hip hop 2024 music scene, marking a pivotal turn in GMS RAW’s career as a PA rapper and music producer. The track is set to resonate with audiences, sparking discussions and inspiring listeners to engage with music on a more profound level.

Fans and new listeners are invited to experience “Click Clout” and join the movement towards more authentic expression in music and online. The track promises to be a standout in the new hip hop 2024 music video landscape, reinforcing GMS RAW’s position as a leading voice in the industry.

Note: The official music video will premiere on GMS RAW’s YouTube channel on March 1st, aligning with the single’s release across all major music platforms. Be sure to subscribe to GMS RAW’s YouTube channel to catch the premiere and explore more innovative music and content from one of Philadelphia’s most dynamic artists.

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