Garrett Stewart Sayre Investigates the Afterlife

Garrett Stewart Sayre, Executive Producer of ‘Ghosts and the Afterlife’

Voted Best Documentary Film of 2022”

— Eddie Duvall

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / — Garrett Stewart Sayre, former top-secret investigator for Naval Intelligence, takes a concerted and deep look into the scientific and historical evidence of life after death in the new hit docufilm ‘Ghosts and the Afterlife: A Scientific Investigation.’

Garrett’s contributions as an investigator for U.S. Intelligence led to the instigation of many operational strategies that helped the American military to overcome conspiracies against the United States. As a Naval Intelligence officer working with the United States Army Special Forces and Joint Chiefs of Staff Special Warfare Group, Sayre provided information for the NAS Oceana Security/Antiterrorist Report.

Using his military training, Garrett decided to embark on a journey into the realm of the paranormal by searching for scientific proof of the Afterlife, which resulted in the making of the hit docufilm, “Ghosts and the Afterlife: A Scientific Investigation.”

The film was voted Best Documentary Film of 2022 at the TZIFF International Film Festival, and was just recently nominated for Best Documentary of 2023 at The Hague Film Festival.

‘Ghosts and the Afterlife’ has also been a top-selling film on Vudu (a joint-venture between NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Discovery), iTunes, and Amazon and has been a Best-Selling DVD on

In addition to garnering a plethora of 5-star reviews on Google’s “Audience Reviews,” the movie is rated 94 out of 100 on Moviefone, 96 percent on TMDB, and 5 out of 5 stars on both Movie Insider and iTunes.

‘Ghosts and the Afterlife’ looks into the subject of life after death and the possibility of ghosts from a scientific and a historical perspective, covering the subject matter of ghosts, after-death experiences, and the ever-puzzling existence of consciousness, and concludes that “death is not the end.”

If you would like to see ‘Ghosts and the Afterlife,’ the film is currently available to be seen for free on Amazon’s Freevee and Tubi TV.

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