Fusion :The alchemy of African art today

For the first time in Strasbourg (France), Demif Gallery and La Trézorerie are proud to present the exhibition Fusion: The alchemy of African art today.

WARRINGTON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “Fusion: The alchemy of African art today ” is a collective exhibition that explores the boundaries of arts within the universe of Rachel Malaika. Drawing from the photographic artistry of Congolese artist Malaika, painters Olivier Matuti and Papytsho Mafolo embark on an interdisciplinary collaboration and fusion driven by a purely creative perspective.

The art world finds itself in a state of flux, brimming with ideas and opportunities ripe for exploration and innovation. At times, the traditional creative process appears insufficiently tailored to meet contemporary and professional demands. Multidisciplinary teams are now becoming the norm in creative arts practices, especially when driven by a dynamic engagement with challenges and opportunities to push the boundaries of innovation.

Collaboration serves as a catalyst for innovation and artistic growth, highlighting the creative power of artists. Through collaborations, artists can share their expertise, techniques, and ideas, generating extraordinary creations that transcend the confines of a singular artistic discipline. This confluence generates captivating possibilities that unveil fresh narratives in an unconventional manner while remaining anchored in tradition. Interdisciplinary collaboration carries artists beyond their comfort zones, spurring experimentation with previously unexplored techniques, materials, and concepts, ultimately expanding the horizons of their artistic practices.

The primary objective of this exhibition is to foster artistic collaboration between two visual disciplines, facilitating the transfer of creative skills through the convergence of perspectives, resource-sharing, and the introduction of novel work methodologies to invigorate innovation and novel creations.

This artistic creative encounter through the universe of Rachel Malaika also aims to promote and encourage the artistic creation of the genre. By focusing on her work, the exhibition celebrates the journey undertaken by women in society, politics, the economy and in visual arts in particular. It concurrently also raises awareness of the persistence of inequalities. In the art global market, women are very much underrepresented, especially in photography in Africa, and that, of course, is the case in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Visitor Information

Title: Fusion : l’Alchimie des Arts africains d’aujourd’hui !

Address: LA TREZORERIE 35 Rue du Fosse Des Treize Strasbourg

Dates: Opening: 06 – 29 October 2023

Instagram: @latrezorerie @demif_gallery

General enquiries: [email protected][email protected]

For press information, images and sales please contact:

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About La Trezorerie

La Trézorerie is a new unconventional and unique space in Strasbourg. La Trézorerie knocks down the clichés of the genre and enhances all the collections: those that whisper, elegant or discreet, those that overflow with fury or happiness, those that make us scream with laughter or shame, the didactics and the studious, the excessive, the crazy, the enjoyable and yours. Whether the subjects are artisanal, heritage, artistic or unspeakably bizarre, La Trézorerie is the place that will showcase your private collections.

About Demif Gallery

DEMIF GALLERY is an online art gallery built with passion and dedicated to art lovers and collectors. Our mission is to promote cultural diversity and young minority ethnic artists, with a special focus on Contemporary African art. We sell artwork from the cream of the crop of emerging talent and young artists from the UK and around the world. As well as being an online gallery, Demif Gallery also commissions art, organises and runs pop up art exhibitions and takes part in national and international art fairs.

About the curator

Trained artist, curator and journalist Didier Demif is a producer of visual arts exhibitions, concepts and projects. His works bridge art and communication and focus on promoting diversity through radical inclusivity and critical dialogue. In four years, he has collaborated, produced and co-curated many events of which the most preeminent are The alternative paradigm part of the 1-54 art fair (2022) and Virtual Congo part of London Design Biennale 2023.

About the Artists

Rachel Malaika

Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she lives and works, Rachel Malaika is a multidisciplinary artist who combines painting, installation, and photography. The last, photography is her preferred medium. She uses her camera to capture images that take shape in her imagination, expressed in diverse forms. She has shown her work in galleries and institutions in DRC as well as in Cameroon and Belgium.

In her recent exhibition in Kinshasa, she sold all her collection exhibited in one day.

Papytsho Mafolo

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1977, Pitsho Mafolo’s work depicts questions about the relativity between cultural identity and human behaviour. He questions cultural identity crises and the historical heritage of human societies, with a particular emphasis on African culture.

Fragments of bodies half man and half animal often appear in his painting, which tell the realities of an African culture fragmented by foreign hegemony. Mafolo’s work is included in the permanent collections of UNESCO collection (France), Rotary Club Collection (Kinshasa), Shell Collection (Kinshasa), King of Jordan private Collection and the D.R. Congolese presidential collection.

Olivier Matuti

Matuti known as one of the leaders of the Librisme revolution, an artistic philosophy developed by a group of young artists in Kinshasa around 1997 is a German-trained fine artist. He left his home country The Democratic Republic of Congo around 1998. His work is aesthetically African-inspired and is characterised by a great variety of bright colours. Defining himself as an artist without any artistic connotation, Olivier Matuti’s artistic approach is based first on the observation of his environment, the evolution of his life and his everyday life. This explains why when he stands in front of his canvas, all these elements explode through his magic brushes and his use of colour.

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Demif Gallery
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