DWTS’ Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess Detail ‘Passionate’ Bond

DWTS’ Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess Detail ‘Passionate’ Bond

Forming that trust. It was easy to see that Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess had quite a connection during their Quickstep on the Monday, September 14, premiere of Dancing With the Stars.

“He was determined and passionate,” the pro dancer, 35, told Us Weekly exclusively following the episode.

However, the actor, 41, and the Australia native didn’t have much time to form that bond, as they started rehearsing “a whole week later than some people — if not more than that,” she told Us. That said, through their ups and downs, they grew closer.

“Once you get put in that stressful situation and you have to come together quickly, you go through all of those emotions — that triumph and adversity, that getting to know each other, you just got to push it in. There is no time to take it slow,” Burgess said. “So we got to know each other! We didn’t necessarily argue. We had moments of understanding.”

Jesse Metcalfe Sharna Burgess Detail Passionate Bond on DWTS

The Passions alum added that the two definitely experienced highs and lows during rehearsals.

“We had some deep chats, some minor disagreements. You know, we went through the whole gamut. I feel like, which brought us closer really,” he told Us. “What’s unbelievable, actually, is that dancing with someone is a form of therapy. They should make married couples that are having issues in their marriage, take dance classes together. I feel like that would resolve a lot of issues and bring the couples closer.”

The dancing duo is also thrilled that the Quickstep — one of the toughest dances — is now out of the way. “Jesse has never had dance experience so to do a Quickstep on the first week is so intense,” the season 27 winner said. “So naturally that forced us to really bond, communicate, get to know each other and now we have this!”

Jesse Metcalfe Sharna Burgess Detail Passionate Bond on DWTS

The pair scored an 18 out of 30 in the premiere, which put them right in the middle of the leaderboard. While the Chesapeake Shores star felt the judges were a bit “all over the place” with their scoring, Burgess is OK with the low numbers to start.

‘”It’s always hard if you’re starting with 8s — like, you’ve got two points above that for perfect. And in week one, I think that’s tough,” she said. “So I actually appreciate that. The highest was a 7 tonight. I think they’re finding their footing on what is a 5, what is a 6 and what is a 7, you know? … We have to work up and impress them to get better scores. It gives us somewhere to go and I think that’s great. It hurts a little bit, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s smart.”

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