Dr. Joyce Kahng is Leading a Facebook Group For Dentists Seeking to Build An Instagram Presence

Instagram for Dentists Facebook Group

Dr. Kahng, owner of Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio, is aiding dentists as they approach social media, through her “Instagram for Dentists” Facebook group.

The ‘Instagram for Dentists’ group is designed to fill this gap by providing a focused environment for dentists to connect, learn, and collaborate.”

— Dr. Joyce Kahng

COSTA MESA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Joyce Kahng, owner of Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio and leading dental content creator, is aiding dentists as they approach social media, particularly Instagram, through her “Instagram for Dentists” Facebook group. This exclusive online community, with nearly 500 active members, serves as a hub for dentists to collaborate, seek advice, and participate in a transformative 21-day challenge called “Show Your Face.”

Dr. Joyce Kahng recognized the need for a dedicated space where dentists could engage meaningfully about the challenges and opportunities presented by social media, specifically Instagram. The group aims to foster genuine connections and facilitate knowledge exchange among dental professionals who are eager to enhance their online presence.

“I’ve observed that many dentists struggle with navigating Instagram, and while there are discussions about social media in various forums, they lack the depth and expertise needed for effective growth,” notes Dr. Joyce Kahng. “The ‘Instagram for Dentists’ group is designed to fill this gap by providing a focused environment for dentists to connect, learn, and collaborate.”

The group, currently centered around Instagram, is poised for future expansion to encompass all aspects of social media relevant to dentists. Dr. Kahng’s vision is not only to share her content with a broader audience but also to create connections that enable dentists to learn from one another, providing both professional and personal growth.

To encourage active participation and engagement within the group, Dr. Joyce Kahng introduced the “Show Your Face Challenge.” This 21-day challenge is a blend of accountability and actionable steps, ensuring that dentists not only learn about social media but also implement strategies to grow their platforms.

The “Show Your Face Challenge” involves participants posting a daily Instagram story where they talk directly to the camera. Emphasizing consistency over perfection, the challenge aims to break down barriers and encourage dentists to showcase their authentic selves. Each day, participants check in with the group to gain a sense of shared commitment.

Dr. Kahng reflects on the success of the challenge, saying, “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. After the first round, the morale was incredibly high, and several participants returned for the second round, attesting to the impact of the challenge and the value of the group as a whole.”

As the second round of the challenge gains momentum, Dr. Joyce Kahng looks forward to witnessing more dentists embrace the power of social media and build lasting connections within the “Instagram for Dentists” community. The group remains open to new members, inviting dentists to join the conversation, share their experiences, and embark on a transformative journey toward social media mastery.

To join the Facebook group, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/138788157435410.


Dr. Kahng specializes in minimally invasive dental procedures that restore and enhance a patient’s smile. This includes Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding. Her practice, Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio in Costa Mesa, utilizes the most modern dental technology. From a Computer-Assisted Anesthesia System to state of the art digital scanning technologies that utilize Near Infrared Technology, she is able to provide a more comfortable syringeless, metal-free facility, including proper removal and isolation of silver fillings.

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