DESTROY CREATION by RYAN KOVACS, Award-Winning Conclusion to Destruction Series Releases 30 Nov 23

Destroy Creation: Phase II by Ryan Kovacs

Create Destruction Cover

Create Destruction: Phase I by Ryan Kovacs

Ryan Kovacs

Ryan Kovacs

Destroy Creation: Phase II is the stunning sequel to Create Destruction: Phase I and Winner of the 2023 Literary Titan Award

A tour de force of speculative fiction that I found to be utterly captivating”

— Literary Titan

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / — With DESTROY CREATION: Phase II, Ryan A. Kovacs brings the Destruction Series to a thrilling conclusion. Destroy Creation is the 2023 winner of the Literary Titan Book Award. Kovacs won the same award in 2022 for Create Destruction: Phase I, which was also a Finalist for the Indies Today Award.

SYNOPSIS: In Create Destruction, Doctor Larson is a maniacal genius bent on harnessing the parapsychic powers of Thomas, a 12-year-old boy. Using a ‘thought terminating process,’ Larson employs trigger words that catalyze Thomas’ abilities so he can use them for his own evil purposes. But as those powers grow, Thomas finds himself slowly stripped of choice and all self-control while treading a path of total annihilation. Will Larson succeed, or will he be forced to watch as the boy is fully consumed by his own conflagration? Destroy Creation continues the story with young Thomas learning to survive in a world that does not know of his existence. Through tragic loss and an unlikely love bound by fate, he follows a path that eventually leads to the one thing he never had control of—his destiny.

DESTROY CREATION: Phase II will be released by PHiR Publishing on 30 November 2023. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


“The eponymous themes of destruction and creation are fully realized throughout Thomas’s journey…The use of metaphors, similes, anaphora, and other literary devices give this provocative sci-fi tale a poetic atmosphere, yet the story retains a linear arc…Wildly suspenseful and impressively innovative, Destroy Creation is a highly successful union of science fiction and poetry.” – Jordan Ehmann, Indies Today

“In no uncertain terms, Destroy Creation: Phase II by Ryan A. Kovacs is a tour de force of speculative fiction that I found to be utterly captivating…This exceptional novel has my enthusiastic endorsement, with the storyline being the highlight. The dreaded ‘sequel syndrome’ is neatly sidestepped in Destroy Creation: Phase II. Instead of leaning on worn-out tropes or running the risk of becoming stale, this sequel astoundingly augments the allure of the original, presenting familiar settings and characters that remain ever-engrossing…Kovacs’ narrative prowess is remarkable as well as his talent as a prose poet…This literary strategy employed by Kovacs is a cornerstone of his unique storytelling technique.” – Literary Titan

“Original, thought provoking. This masterfully written book evoked every emotion, including fear and hope.” – Lois Taubman

RYAN KOVACS is a Rochester, NY native who loves to travel, meet new people and have profound conversations. His writing stems from his experiences and the many different personalities he’s met throughout the years. Poetry is what moves him, and his true talent lies in storytelling. His first published book is titled I Considered You, which he followed up with The N.M.E. and then, the Destruction Series. Ryan served in the United States Army and continues to serve in the Air National Guard. He is a family man who surrounds himself with like-minded people and has never been one to shy away from uncomfortable topics. Give him a beer, and he’ll provide the storytelling.

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