Delfina Biedma: A DJ for the Corporate World and the Dance World

Delfina Biedma

Ideas, projects, music trends and much more can be read in the interview given to NY Art Life Magazine by the well-known DJ Delfina Biedma

DJing is the foundation of a creative and sentient experience.”

— Delfina Biedma

CHELSEA, NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2023/ — This week NY Art Life Magazine is excited to have interviewed a leader in the DJ and music world, Delfina Biedma.

Known for her eclectic style and versatile musicality, Delfina continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in music and the nightlife experience. Her work defies traditional norms, and she continuously put herself out of her comfort zone to develop her musical palate.

In this exclusive interview, we will delve deeper into Delfina’s journey, exploring her creative and versatile musical approach to the corporate world and the traditional music world. So, without further ado.

Interviewing Delfina takes us on a journey of different music genres and different types of musical projects. Her expertise as a DJ spans music festivals, corporate clients, and musical venues all over South America.

With over 10 years of experience, her unique approach to music quickly caught the eye of industry professionals and she was soon working on larger, more challenging projects.

DJ Extraordinaire Delfina Biedma is truly a musical force that is in demand in her native Argentina. Delfina’s truly diverse set includes Deep House, Commercial, and Reggaeton among others. Delfina’s musical set has something for everyone. From being broadcast on national Radio ONE in Argentina to DJing the influencers’ Valen and Sofi’s “Cómo Salir del Closet” party on their YouTube channel when they reached 150,000 subscribers, and then 175,000 subscribers, she has something for everyone.

Her versatility is what has made her a darling in the corporate world. Delfina has been sought after to serve as the Resident DJ for REMAX, the largest real estate company in Argentina. As the resident DJ, she hosts parties every Friday night in different nightlife venues in Argentina. She has also DJed for Imperial Beerhouse when they celebrated the return of Los Pumas, the Argentine Rugby National Team. This was a huge national event that was covered extensively by the press.

Not to mention, her strong social media presence which has resulted in viral videos on Instagram reels some with 13K views and others with 73K views. She is actively followed by her clients and patrons alike.

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