Crypto Lists Announces New Coin Listings From Top Exchanges With Pre-Listing Info as Bonus listens to their enthusiastic visitors and goes live with a brand-new section. Several times each day, multiple new and upcoming coin listings from the top crypto exchanges are shown on the site, helping readers to find new and top-trending coins and tokens before they are released.

Best New Coin Listings on Crypto Exchanges finds information about pre-listings and the actual time 100's of new coins go live.

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After several requests from frequent visitors, Crypto Lists is going live with a section containing all the latest coin listings from the top cryptocurrency exchanges. What may be more interesting for some readers is the pre-listing information. Before a new token goes live on an exchange, Crypto Lists will reveal the exact time and marketplace. This way, people can easily see which of the various popular exchanges are about to list and offer purchase and sale of the digital asset. The newly added section can be found at

Helping investors to act early
"Now crypto investors can find upcoming listings on exchanges and DEX before they can find them elsewhere. Crypto traders are now able to see new listings in advance, helping them to get in on the action before it is happening," says Markus Jalmerot, co-founder of Crypto Lists Limited. 

Every week, there will be at least ten new cryptocurrencies shown on the new exchange listings page. The Crypto Lists team is working on adding even more of the top-rated exchanges in the near future. The goal is to become the go-to place for anyone interested in upcoming listings and the latest trending coins and tokens. See the latest reviews of new cryptocurrencies here

For pre-listings, there might or might not be a listing date shown. Since the newest listings of coins and tokens on crypto exchanges are updated several times a day, exactly when they occur. Most of the latest exchange listings include the current price, except in circumstances where this isn't possible.

A plethora of options
Currently, there are many different categories for new coin listings included, such as NFT-related entries, native coins for new blockchains, cross chain tokens, Web3-focused coins and tokens, utility tokens, play to earn tokens, move to earn tokens, new staking protocols, DAOs, and tokens with high rewards for early buyers.

Since many new coin listings on crypto exchanges are hugely volatile in the days following the initial launch, it's beneficial for every potential investor to do their own due diligence after viewing the latest top listings of upcoming coin releases. 

How to get listed
For any token or coin owner that likes to get listed on, there is a quick way to submit a listing request. Simply go to the coin listing section on and fill out the necessary details.

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