Connected: David Random’s Contemporary Tale of Mystery and Suspense

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A great read never gets old. It stays relevant despite the passing of time and the changing of popular genres in the market. One such read is David Random’s award-winning mystery and suspense novel, Connected. The book was named the best crime novel in 2018 by the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and has garnered shining reviews from leisure readers as well as professional book reviewing institutions. It has since been published by PageTurner Press and Media as one of its most viewed and highly regarded titles, cementing it as a novel that stays relevant across several generations of young adult readers.

In most mystery and suspense novels, the conflict revolves around the identity of the killer and his motive. In Connected, readers may enjoy a unique read that features a suspect has a conjoined twin whose innocence is established from the get-go. These twins, though prosecuted for murder, are seemingly victims of circumstance. Thus, the second predicament that readers face is whether a murderer is unquestionably guilty because of his actions or is acquitted because of his motive.

With the flow of the plot, Random sets up a story with the makings of a “perfect” crime. He convinces readers that there is only one outcome until he gives them the staggering revelation that turns the story around. Readers, who have no doubt put on their proverbial fedora, are awestruck and cannot help but tell more people to read all about the masterpiece that is Connected.

An Amazon reviewer and certified reader had this to write about the book, “Not only was it good but it was, in fact, terrific! It had me engrossed from the 1st page all the way to the end.” While a book review at Reader’s Favorite stated, “The work carries a slick, big city flair that only Boston can deliver, with lines that could naturally fall from the lips of a huge TV crime series.”

Connected is one of David Random’s four published books. His other titles read as humorous, relatable memoirs from different stages of his life. Random Acts of Blindness, Gullible’s Travels, and Defying Gravity are all collections of short stories that delight and entertain readers with his wit and humor. His only fiction novel, Connected, is available in paperback, hardback, and e-book versions at

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