Clear Health Medical Launches Direct Primary Care Model To Make Healthcare More Accessible

Direct Primary Care offers affordable, personalized healthcare, free procedures, and no hidden fees.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2024 / — Clear Health Medical, under the leadership of Dr. Tom Rountree DO, is driving a shift in healthcare with its patient-centric approach through the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. In contrast to conventional medical care, with its DPC model, Clear Health Medical prioritizes a personalized doctor-patient relationship, offering extended hour-long visits and a suite of benefits designed for patient well-being.

The Direct Primary Care model adopted by Clear Health Medical emphasizes accessibility, affordability, and personalized care. Dr. Rountree’s patients benefit from same or next-day appointments, a no-wait waiting room, and direct communication with the doctor via phone or text. The clinic provides wholesale medications on-site, ultra-low-cost labs, and complimentary procedures, including skin biopsies and wart removal.

“This membership model is akin to subscription services, eliminating copays or hidden fees,” explains Dr. Rountree. Membership fees are tailored for various age groups, starting at $25/month for children aged 5-20, $50/month for adults aged 21-40, and $75/month for those aged 41 and above. These fees cover telehealth visits, ensuring comprehensive and convenient healthcare.

The Direct Primary Care model addresses escalating issues of physician and patient burnout within the U.S. medical system. Prolonged wait times, brief visits, high medication costs, and a lack of direct communication with healthcare providers have led to patient frustration. Clear Health Medical tackles these concerns, offering a patient-centric approach that addresses the root causes of burnout.

Dr. Rountree highlights, “I established this clinic to address all my patient’s concerns from my previous insurance-based practice.” The clinic, which opened in March 2023, has already garnered a 5-star rating on Google Reviews, reflecting the positive impact on its patients.

To underscore the significance of the Direct Primary Care model, Dr. Rountree references a recent Time article on patient burnout in healthcare, emphasizing how this approach directly tackles the challenges highlighted in the article.

Clear Health Medical’s commitment to providing “affordable, accessible, and personalized care” is pretty evident in the service of the brand. “Clear Health Medical bypasses all interference from insurance, giving patients the medical freedom they deserve,” says Dr. Rountree.

In addition to the existing services, Clear Health Medical plans to expand its offerings to include ultrasound to enhance the scope of care covered by the monthly membership. The clinic aims to decrease ER admissions by providing immediate attention to urgent matters during nights or weekends, resulting in substantial cost savings for patients.

The unique features of Clear Health Medical’s Direct Primary Care model include unlimited hour-long visits, low-cost generic in-house medications, free office procedures for members, no copays or hidden fees, and unlimited same or next-day appointments. The membership also provides direct access to Dr. Rountree through phone calls, texts, or video chats, eliminating the need for patients to wait several days for answers to their healthcare queries.

Focusing on holistic healthcare, Clear Health Medical combines Direct Primary Care with Lifestyle Medicine, using a coaching approach that promotes lifestyle changes before medications. The six pillars of lifestyle medicine—mindfulness, whole plant-based nutrition, enjoyable exercise, restorative sleep, positive social connection, and avoidance of toxic substances—are integrated into the clinic’s approach to patient care.

As Clear Health Medical continues to redefine primary care, it stands as a force for change in the healthcare landscape, providing a model that prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of both physicians and patients.

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