Chris Yogerst, Author and Film Historian, Shines in Sight & Sound’s Best Film Books 2023: The Hottest List of the Year

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2024 / — Chris Yogerst, esteemed author and film historian, has made it to Sight & Sound magazine’s list of top film books of 2023. Known for its highly anticipated evaluations in the film world, the magazine has selected Yogerst’s book “The Warner Brothers” as one of the best film books of 2023. This prestigious accomplishment recognizes the profound impact of Yogerst’s work, sharing the story of one of Hollywoord’s most iconic families.

“The Warner Brothers” unfolds a captivating narrative, tracing the journey of the Warner siblings from their modest origins in Poland through their formative years in the American Midwest to their pinnacle of fame and fortune in Hollywood. Yogerst’s narrative weaves through the tapestry of history, depicting the brothers’ unwavering resolve against the backdrop of a nation grappling with the aftermath of domestic and global conflicts.

Sight & Sound’s recognition of “The Warner Brothers” as one of the best film books in 2023 solidifies Yogerst’s place as a distinguished author and historical film expert. The book’s influence extends beyond Hollywood, resonating in the international film and literary spheres.

Sight & Sound describes Yogerst as “one of our best chroniclers of Hollywood history.”

Sight & Sound, affiliated with the British Film Institute (BFI), offers an unmatched insight into the rich world of film culture. Delving into cinematic artistry with in-depth reviews, engaging interviews, and thought-provoking features exploring contemporary and historical cinema in diverse forms, their publication goes beyond the surface of the film industry. Boasting a remarkable 80-year collection of film commentary and criticism, the periodical is a testament to the evolution of cinematic society.

“We’ve been publishing film comments since 1932 and provide an unrivaled platform for film lovers to connect with the best movie writers in the English language,” informs Sight & Sound.

Chris Yogerst, a noted author and media historian, explores the profound impact of popular culture on society. His research, cited in NPR, The Times of London, and more, delves into the reflective nature of popular culture, offering essential context for understanding the modern world. Yogerst’s work appears in prestigious outlets such as the Los Angeles Review of Books and the Washington Post. His latest book, “Hollywood Hates Hitler” (University Press of Mississippi), examines American fascism and anti-Semitism leading up to the 1941 Senate Investigation into Motion Picture Propaganda. Released in September 2023, his latest book, “The Warner Brothers,” (has earned recognition in The Hollywood Reporter, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Sun.

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