Launches Rescue Partner Program, Empowering Rescues to Save More Lives

The program gives rescues the marketing support they need at zero cost. launches Rescue Partner Program, giving shelters and rescues free access to the marketing resources they need.

UNITED STATES, August 14, 2023/ —, a leading source of cat knowledge online, announces the launch of its Rescue Partner Program. Partner organizations receive tailored support and resources, including social media outreach, content marketing, email list management support, and more—at zero cost.

“We’ve always been dedicated to helping people give their cats better lives,” says Head of Brand, Mallory Crusta. “But for a long time, we weren’t able to do much to help the 60+ million cats who weren’t in human homes. The Rescue Partner Program was created to help all cats, no matter their circumstances.” understands the challenges faced by animal rescues in reaching a broader audience and raising awareness about their mission.

Crusta explains: “As we started interviewing rescues, we quickly recognized that time is the number one limitation they share. Most rescue organizations are largely volunteer-run, and they’re often so busy physically helping cats that they don’t have the bandwidth to focus on marketing, outreach, or even surrender prevention. They’re focused on keeping cats alive. And those things they struggle with—content creation, marketing, outreach—are what we do best. With a shared mission of helping cats, this initiative just made sense.”

The Rescue Partner Program seeks to bridge this gap by empowering these rescues with the expertise and resources they need to thrive, allowing them to focus on what they do best—saving more cats’ lives.

Key Features of the Rescue Partner Program:

Social Media Outreach: connects with over 1.75 million cat lovers each month across various platforms. Through the Rescue Partner Program, participating rescues gain access to this audience, allowing them to share cats in need, success stories, and fundraising campaigns.

Content Marketing:’s team of experienced content creators—including veterinarians and certified feline behaviorists—collaborates with rescues to craft compelling and engaging content. Rescues can share this content on their own blogs or see it published on the site.

Email List Management Support: The program provides valuable assistance in managing email lists to contact potential adopters, donors, and volunteers directly.

Surrender Prevention Resources: Rescues enrolled in the program gain exclusive access to surrender prevention resources, including vet-written PDFs for new adopters, behavior courses, and more. invites all cat lovers, advocates, and animal welfare enthusiasts to join in their mission of saving more cats’ lives. The Rescue Partner Program is open to registered non-profit animal rescues across the United States. Eligible rescues can apply for the program through the website.

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