Best Aquatic Horror Films

About 70% of the Earth is covered in water. The ocean’s dark depths hold many secrets that we still have not learned about. What kind of creatures could it be hiding from us? This intrigues film fans as they seek out movies to give them a good scare. Imagining what could lurk below us, just waiting for a chance to make their presence known. Hollywood is happy to oblige by turning out some of the best aquatic horror films. What lurks for us under the waves?

A​ small town that is already divided by an upcoming salmon cannery being built is besieged by strange fish creatures that stumble out of the ocean. They seem to kill the men and rape the women. When the town holds its annual Salmon Festival, the monsters attack in droves, causing the town to come together to defeat them once and for all.

T​his schlocky creature feature, of course, comes from the master of such things, Roger Corman. The special effects used for the kills aren’t bad, but the goofy-looking humanoid creatures can be a little cheesy now and again. The story and acting are decent, and overall, the movie is just kind of fun. Worth a watch if you get a chance.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

A​n underwater team is securing missiles to the ocean floor when they break into a large cavern. Something large attacks them as, they send in numerous probes and subs to investigate. They have accidentally released a large prehistoric creature from where it had been trapped. Now, it begins to attack the base and seeks to eat the entire crew. They must find a way to stop it and escape from the undersea base before it picks them off one by one.

Another fun creature feature with the claustrophobia of being trapped underwater thrown in. The creature is fun and not what you’d expect when it is finally revealed. Will it blow your mind? Probably not. Will you have fun watching it? Of course!

Best Aquatic Horror Films

O​ne of Stuart Gordon’s underappreciated Lovecraft adaptations. Two couples are sailing on a yacht when they run into a violent storm. The boat runs aground on some rocks, and they decide to take a rowboat over to a nearby fishing village. They find it mostly deserted, but the few people left act strangely. Eventually, they learn that the village long ago made a deal with the god Dagon, who turned them into fish monsters.

Stuart Gordon always delivered on his Lovecraft adaptations like ReAnimator, From Beyond, and Castle Freak. This one does not disappoint on that front. This one doesn’t get as much love as his others, but it’s worth seeking out. The creepy atmosphere and unsettling townsfolk work really well. One of the best underappreciated aquatic horror films.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

Researchers aboard an underwater drilling facility must find a way to survive after an earthquake devastates the base. Cut off from the rest of the facility, they have to make their way through destroyed walkways and even venture outside in their diving suits. They quickly find that they are not alone and that the earthquake has awakened something very dangerous.

T​his film got overlooked in the first part of 2020, and the world went into lockdown not long after it was released. It’s an excellent anxiety-driven treat as the crew has to squeeze through tight spaces inside the destroyed base while also figuring out what creatures are attacking them in the vast openness of the ocean when they venture out. Great watch.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

A​ monster appears out of a nearby river. It attacks anyone who gets in its path but grabs a young girl and carries her off. Her family is saddened, but they decide to find the monster and get her back when they learn she is still alive. It is learned that the creature results from dangerous chemicals being dumped into the sewers, causing a biological disaster.

T​his Korean film highlights a unique monster and tells an interesting story about environmental hazards. One fun aspect of this film is that they don’t try to hide the monster at all. It attacks in the middle of the day and runs into a giant crowd of people. While the CGI hasn’t aged well, it is still a fun movie with a great creature and an interesting message.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

A​ mining corporation has built a base on the ocean floor (seriously, stop building these things), and some of the crew are two days away from being able to leave when they fall into a hole and discover a sunken Russian ship. They find a safe on board with a few items in it, such as a bottle of vodka. One of the crew drinks the bottle but is sick the next day. He quickly mutates into a horrifying monster that stalks the rest of the crew.

A​ great cast with Peter Weller, Daniel Stern, and Ernie Hudson starring. The special effects are great in the film, and the look of the film is great. The cast never even went near a body of water to film, but the underwater scenes will have you questioning that. Easily one of the best aquatic horror films that no one talks about.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

A​ couple of divers that have their own online video show are looking for the ultimate place to highlight. When they are told of a nearby house that is completely underwater, they jump at the chance to check it out. As they enter the building, they quickly find that the original tenants never left. They try to find their way out of the house but seem to be trapped.

W​hat’s better than an underwater horror movie? How about an underwater haunted house movie? When they get into the house, they find people still in there. How could they still be alive? As the story plays out, we learn more and more about the family that used to live there before the land was flooded. A film that will creep you out for sure.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

A​ spaceship is discovered under a coral reef. Scientists are brought in to figure out where the ship came from and what the giant sphere is in the cargo hold. They learn that the sphere is sentient, and reality begins to become warped as they try to fight against it. Nothing can be trusted anymore as sea creatures keep attacking the crew.

T​his mind trippy film will have you wondering what is happening but in the best way possible. We, the viewer, go along with the characters while trying to figure out what is happening and what is even real. A great film to check out that will leave you wondering about your own sanity.

Best Aquatic Horror Films

The boat crew finds themselves in an excluded zone by accident and finds that a giant glowing creature has attached itself to the bottom of the boat. Soon, they find that the creature is able to infect living creatures with microscopic parasites, which begin to take over the crew one by one. They have to find a way to disinfect themselves and escape from the clutches of the giant creature.

The film brings a lot of paranoia to the surface, and it’s fun to watch the crew trying to figure out who is infected. The creature design is really cool to look at, and the parasite aspect of the film is interesting. Worth a watch if you like movies like The Thing or Bug.

W​hat do you think are some of the best aquatic horror films? Let us know in the comments.

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