Author Phillip Church Releases Gripping Novel “The Hong Kong Gambit: A Plot to Buy Thailand”

Unraveling a High-Stakes Thriller: “The Hong Kong Gambit” – A Tale of Intrigue and Global Consequences

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2023 / — Author Phillip Church, a former US foreign service officer, is proud to announce the release of his novel, “The Hong Kong Gambit: A Plot to Buy Thailand.” This thrilling work of fiction delves into the intriguing world of international crime syndicates and their dark schemes amidst the backdrop of the 1997 transfer of Hong Kong administration from Britain to mainland China.

“The Hong Kong Gambit” tells the tale of three Americans on a vacation trip to Thailand. What was supposed to be a relaxing week of golf and fishing for Paul, Dan, and Ben becomes an entanglement in struggles between criminal contenders for control of Asia’s lucrative human trafficking industry.

As Phillip Church explains, “Most likely, readers would not be happy to learn that some of their retirement account investments are commingled with overseas money generated from illicit commerce, in particular Asian sex trafficking, all with the tacit enabling of national governments and international bankers.”

The novel takes readers from the serene setting of a small Thai fishing and farming village to the ruthless world of global financial conglomerates, where the stakes are the economic stability and progress of countries like Thailand. “The Hong Kong Gambit” shines a spotlight on the darker side of globalization, that too often benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor and vulnerable..

Readers seeking an engaging and thought-provoking novel can purchase “The Hong Kong Gambit” at select bookstores and major online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and the Apple iTunes store.

About the Author: In writing the Hong Kong Gambit Phillip Church draws on his extensive career as a Foreign Service Officer designing and implementing technical assistance programs in Central and South America, and in South and Southeast Asia. Today, he resides in Northern Virginia.

In “The Hong Kong Gambit,” the author aims to entertain readers with a gripping story as well as to enlighten them about the importance of knowing where they invest and how such awareness can help combat the global scourge of modern-day slavery.

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