Atlas director Brad Peyton wants to make his own Predator movie one day

Brad Peyton, director of Jennifer Lopez’s Atlas, says he wants to make his own Predator movie one day and shares his thoughts on Prey.

Brad Peyton is a big fan of Predator. In fact, he once told THR that he’d seen the original movie over 365 times. Given his passion for the movie, it’s only natural that he’d like his own shot at directing an installment of the sci-fi franchise. While speaking with THR about his recent Netflix movie Atlas, Peyton said he has a take on a Predator story that he’d like to make… assuming he gets the invite.

I also have a version of Predator that I would really like to see.” Peyton said. “I obviously can’t talk about it, because no one’s inviting me to go do a Predator movie yet.” He added that he also enjoyed the most recent movie in the franchise, Prey. “I really liked it. I thought it was super cool,” Peyton said. “I actually really liked [Prey]. It was really fresh and innovative and interesting, and anytime someone can come in and reinvent a franchise — but also keep the great elements that we love from the original — you have to applaud that person. So I think [Dan Trachtenberg] did that in spades.

Prey took place in 1719 and followed a young Comanche woman (Amber Midthunder) who sought to protect her people from a vicious alien who was hunting humans for sport. The film was a big success, with some even calling it the best installment of the franchise since the original. Director Dan Trachtenberg will be back for more, as it was announced earlier this year that he would be helming Badlands, which is said to bring the Predator action into a more futuristic setting.

Brad Peyton’s Atlas recently premiered on Netflix. The sci-fi action movie stars Jennifer Lopez as a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence who joins a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. Unfortunately, the film hasn’t received the best reviews, and our own Alex Maidy wasn’t impressed. “Atlas is a special effects-laden foray into the most cliched science fiction genre offering I have seen in a long time,” Maidy wrote. “With what is supposed to be a timely tale about artificial intelligence, Atlas throws every trope from the last fifty years of scifi movies as it aims to be Netflix’s attempt at a summer tentpole picture. Underwhelming in every way, Atlas is a directionless and limp mess that wastes the talents of everyone involved.” You can check out the rest of Maidy’s review right here.

Would you like to see Brad Peyton direct a Predator movie?

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