Are the Saints the Best Team in Football? Thoughts From Week 8

Are the Saints the Best Team in Football? Thoughts From Week 8

Halfway through the season so far, and the great teams are starting to separate from the pack. Saints look great, Patriots and Niners are still dominating, Aaron Rodgers looks like his old self, and the Dolphins and Bengals haven’t won a game yet.

Patriots vs. Browns

This is one of the games I was watching on Sunday. A lot of hype surrounding the game with the Browns and all the talking and not football playing that they do. As I was watching the Patriots defense, I realized Bill Belichick reminds me of when I play Madden. Hear me out, when I play defense in Madden I run one play, a zero blitz with man to man coverage on the receivers usually a 4-3 scheme maybe a dime if they have a lot of receivers. Guess what? Bill was doing the exact same thing against the Browns early in the game. Zero blitz, man coverage, go get the quarterback. And just like I have a lot of success running that one play, Bill is also having a lot of success against opposing offenses.

Well, the Browns had what I believe to be is the worst start to a game that I have ever seen. First possession it’s a running play to Nick Chubb and one of his linemen somehow kicks the ball out of his hands and Dont’a Hightower picks it up and returns it for a touchdown. Patriots 10-0. The very next offensive play for the Browns, Nick Chubb breaks free for a huge run and 50 yards later Jonathan Jones (CB) runs him down and punches the ball out! Patriots recover the fumble, they end up punting back to the Browns. The NEXT offensive play for the Browns, Baker Mayfield tries a touch pass to the receiver running in front of him for the jet sweep but somehow hands it right to Lawrence Guy for an interception. A few plays later the Patriots score on a Julian Edelman touchdown. Patriots 17-0. I couldn’t stop laughing at the sequence of events I had just witnessed.

Once again the Browns find ways to beat themselves. They committed over 10 penalties, to include like 4 false starts! Nick Chubb outside of those 2 fumbles actually ran the ball very effectively. And Baker Mayfield wasn’t making mistakes. There was one pass that Stephon Gilmore dropped that should have been picked, but early in the game Baker was playing well.

49ers vs. Panthers

This was the second game I started watching. Then it was 27-3 in the second quarter and decided to watch the Texans instead. I will say that Niners defense is for real, led by Richard Sherman and Nick Bosa, who’s playing like the Defensive Player of the Year let alone Defensive Rookie of the Year. He had another monster game. The Niners running game is really good, and they have the fastest running backs in the league. One thing to keep in mind is that Jimmy Garoppolo threw another interception this game. That gives him 7 on the season. With a team that is playing this well and with one of the best running games in the league, he should not be putting the ball in harm’s way.

Eagles vs. Bills

Eagles had a huge win on the road at Buffalo. A lot of people thought the Eagles were done especially with all the rumors and reports that came out earlier in the week about accountability issues they were having in the locker room. Well on this Sunday they ran the ball very effectively, not something I was expecting against this Bills defense. Josh Allen made some key mistakes that ultimately led to the Bills falling into a hole that they could not climb out of. Credit to the Eagles, big win on the road.

I have started to notice that the Eagles play really well when their running the ball a lot. Against Green Bay, they ran the ball very effectively and they did so against the Bills as well. They need to keep attacking the ground game, Carson Wentz should not be throwing the ball 45, 50 times a game. He’s not that kind of player and they are not that type of offense.

The Eagles schedule is significantly easier than the Cowboys second half so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks. The Eagles and Cowboys may be playing for the division in their late season matchup and the loser will more than likely miss the playoffs.

Chiefs vs. Packers

Aaron Jones had a huge game in the Sunday Night Football matchup. He ran for 67 yards on 13 attempts, he also had 159 receiving yards with 2 touchdowns and 7 receptions. Aaron Rodgers was Aaron Rodgers. The throw he made to Jones as he was falling into the back of the endzone was sensational. After the game he did admit tho he was actually trying to hit Jimmy Graham, which devalued the throw a little bit but nonetheless it was still very impressive.

Matt Moore tho was toe to toe with Rodgers for most of the game. I understand Andy Reid is a great offensive coach, and the Chiefs are loaded offensively, but damn. Matt Moore looked really comfortable back there and was just picking apart that Packers defense. I think this defense has been a bit over-hyped and they are more average than people think.

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