Angie Wong sued by America First Legacy PAC

Angie Wong Defendant

Angie Wong Defendant attending recent Republican Debate

Angie Wong , the former Legacy PAC President , is being sued for $272,500.00 by the Political action committee

We will protect the reputation of our organizations with all legal remedies. ”

— Stan Fitzgerald Legacy PAC founder

NEWNAN, GEORGIA, USA , August 25, 2023/ — From the L-Strategies Press Room : The official press of Legacy PAC

America First Legacy PAC filed a petition against former President Angie Wong. Filing Date: 8/22/2023 at 4:34 PM Filer: Jared Craig Peach #: E-PHDVP5Q5 Case #: SUV2023000996

Attorney Jared Craig Docket Source:

Link to Coweta County GA Court Filing :

The lawsuit alleges Tortious Interference with Business, Defamation/Libel, Conversion/Trover, Temporary Injunction and Attorney Fees and seeks $272,500.00

The Lawsuit allegations:

Wong was not capable of running an event nor running a political action committee.

Page 2 line 32

Wong withheld bank account access from November 8th 2022 though May 28th , 2023

Page 3 lines 4-5

Wong never repaid Stan Fitzgerald for the kick off event

Page 3 line 13

Pac Accountant Troy Brewer states Wong likely redirected the fundraising portals

Page 3 line 20

After being voted off the board Wong attempted to close the legacy PAC bank account directing funds to herself and two others. Page 4 lines 1-6

After being voted off the board Wong refused to transfer access to Legacy PAC social media and fundraising portals and defiantly proclaimed herself still president.

Page 4 – 2nd Paragraph

Wong called Craig and Fitzgerald “Grifters , Fraudsters , Con men and Scammers” although Craig and Fitzgerald never received one dollar from Legacy PAC , Wong was the only member requesting salary. Wong regularly and systematically caused Craig and Fitzgerald to pay for Legacy PAC expenses out of their personal funds. Page 4 lines 1-5

Wong called Veterans for Trump “Fake” and attempted to interfere with Legacy PACs fundraising efforts for congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Page 8 sec 13

Wong is dodging service

Page 12 sec 32

For more information contact Attorney Jared Craig : [email protected]

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