Alternative Musician Danny Silvertone Aims to Release Album For Those ‘Fed Up With Lyrics Void of Meaning’ in 2024

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Danny Silvertone Singer Songwriter

Alternative Musician Danny Silvertone Aims to Release Lyrical Album Titled ‘Nocturnal’

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 / — Independent Alternative Musician Danny Silvertone has announced the 2024 release of their sophomore LP ‘NOCTURNAL’, and has gone on record stating that this record is ‘for those who are fed up with lyrics void of meaning’.

Danny Silvertone is an independent alternative musician based in Phoenix Arizona most known for his melancholy, cinematic dark pop sound that addresses a multitude of emotions and modern day relationship woes. During the release of his debut project, ‘INSOMNIA’, Danny went on record in several interviews to confirm that he became most inspired to create music for troubled youths after his father passed away due to his battle with depression in 2008.

In a short statement published to his social media and website, Phoenix based alternative musician Danny Silvertone has announced his sophomore release ‘NOCTURNAL’, said to be a collection of cinematic alternative pop/rock ballads with R&B influences, will be released early 2024. The record will consist of approximately a dozen tracks co-produced by himself and a producer which has not been specified, and is said to be especially intended for Television and Film.

In an additional statement posted to his social media earlier this week, Danny elaborated on the tone of the project, stating that it will be a more introspective toned project that he claims will contrast the trending music that has dominated the early 2020s to date. It was also clarified that the project was not recorded in a major studio, and was provided no additional funding or backing by any major label in order to ‘maximize authenticity’.

Nocturnal is set to release in early 2024 and will be available on all streaming platforms.

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