AI-Powered Real-Time Rewards Secure Multi-Casino Deals

SenSen unveils innovative AI technology that delivers accurate, real-time rewards for casino table games, resulting in the acquisition of new casino contracts.

Sensen Networks Ltd (ASX:SNS)

Our focus on innovation and commitment to delivering solutions that drive tangible results for our clients have been pivotal to these achievements.”

— Subhash Challa, Executive Chairman & CEO

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 23, 2023/ — SenSen Networks, a pioneering force in AI technology solutions, is proud to introduce its groundbreaking AI innovation that sets a new standard for casino table games. By delivering accurate and real-time rewards, this cutting-edge technology has already secured multiple new casino contracts, solidifying SenSen’s position as a frontrunner in the industry.

Accurate real-time ratings for casino table games entail precise evaluations of player performance and engagement during active gameplay. This entails continuous monitoring of key factors including bets, and playing duration, all processed rapidly to provide instant assessments of player behaviour.
The transformative impact of these real-time ratings lies in their capacity to inform casinos about optimal reward strategies, presented to players while they are actively participating. Based on objective data rather than manual assessments, this technology ensures fairness and consistency, enriching the player experience through personalised interactions and tailored rewards.

SenSen Networks’ success in securing significant casino contracts in the Asian market reflects the power of its AI technology. Valued at a total of US$1.03 million (approximately A$1.53 million), these contracts underscore SenSen’s reputation as a leader in the industry’s technological evolution.

Driven by SenSen’s disruptive AI technology, casino operations transition into data-driven decision-making. This AI innovation, powered by SenGAME technology, injects slot-like data analytics into table games. This facilitates precise tracking of player behaviour, dealer performance, and game activity, influencing real-time decisions regarding rewards and comps. Empowering casino operators to enhance customer experiences and elevate revenue, this operational intelligence marks a transformative leap.

Notably, the AI technology adapts seamlessly to changes in table layouts, ensuring peak operational performance and maximise revenue for casinos. Strategic insights into side bet utilisation also amplify game performance by boosting the house edge.

By harnessing the Live Awareness Platform, SenSen is redefining the gaming and hospitality sectors with tailor-made solutions that optimise operations, heighten security, and elevate customer satisfaction.

With these recent successes and ongoing negotiations, SenSen continues to evolve as a global leader in table games analytics solutions, offering AI-powered technology that reshapes industry norms and unlocks fresh avenues for its clientele.
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Shaping the Future of AI in Hospitality and Beyond, SenSen Networks pioneers AI solutions, setting a new bar for casino tables. Our groundbreaking Live Awareness AI Platform integrates real-world data with digital insights, offering safer, efficient, and rewarding hospitality.

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