911 Tax Relief Grand Reopening: A New Era of Excellence in Tax Resolution

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The Launch of 911 Tax Relief’s Latest Service: A New Team of Seasoned Expert Tax Strategy Attorneys and EA’s Ready to Deliver Exceptional Tax Relief Results.

Our new headquarters in beautiful Omaha Nebraska offers more than a new fresh larger office space but a new fresh start all together restoring 911 Tax Relief.”

— Alexis Escobar, President, 911 Tax Relief Law

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a world where the Great United States has an overspending government constantly creating a bigger annual deficit, constantly increasing the National Debt, no doubt continues to tax the working class relentlessly on time without fail day in day out year after year they are a well-oiled machine, our nation’s strongest, richest and biggest collection company there is. Then there are formidable Tax Companies that take on the Internal Revenue Service and the State Treasury to fight for the little guy, the working class, the middle class as well as the wealthy, to resolve and reduce and change lives for the better where it counts, financially. And sometimes small business practices tip over as many small firms do and close shop and are left to collect dust as just a name, a ghosted website, a closed sign for all to see.

911 Tax Relief is one of those companies that closed down around 2018. First opened its doors in 2012 and negotiated proudly for thousands of resolved cases for clients until closing their doors before the deadly Covid 19 Pandemic. Fast forward 6 years later 911 Tax Relief is back and proving to be better than ever with a new legal staff, new tools, new website and new location. We would like to introduce Alexis Escobar a certified CTEC 10-year veteran as a Tax Settlement Officer. “I am so thrilled to be re-opening 911 Tax Relief, a historic tax brand” said CEO Alexis Escobar who acquired “www.911TaxRelief.com”, “We can now also be found at our new re branded site www.911TaxRelief.Law and for our Spanish prospects www.911TaxRelief.net.” “Our new headquarters in Omaha Nebraska offers more than a new fresh larger office space but a new fresh start all together restoring the now improved 911 Tax Relief brand. Clients for the first 3 months are invited to call us for half off our comprehensive forensic analysis of their Federal tax debt”. Alexis went on to further add “911 Tax Relief has always been synonymous with expertise and reliability and now we are back and have assembled a terrific seasoned genuine team to continue the commitment of Immediate representation and action for tax debt relief of hardworking American Taxpayers.”

Their grand reopening brings together a formidable team of legal tax professionals, certified Enrolled Agents and caring service reps who are dedicated to resolving tax challenges effectively and efficiently. With decades of combined experience, 911 Tax Relief legal team is equipped to handle a wide array of tax issues, from simple tax debt disputes to complex cases requiring intricate industry specific legal tax strategy knowledge.

In response to the 2021 U.S. Treasury Department report, which suggests that an allocation of approximately $80 billion in funding would enable the IRS to gradually recruit nearly 87,000 employees by 2031, 911 Tax Relief has reemerged to address this matter. 911 Tax Relief advises Taxpayers who receive IRS letters claiming they owe $5,000 up to $100,000 or more to contact them at 1 (877) 7 – 911TAX recognizing the painstaking, intricate, and risky nature of dealing with the IRS. Alexis exclaims “We strongly urge indebted tax individuals to call us before they communicate with the IRS, it’s wise to get advice from a tax professional to avoid potential consequences like bank levies or property liens or agreeing to stiff penalties and late fees.”

In conclusion considering the expected magnitude of this IRS initiative, 911 Tax Relief is proving to be back and dedicated to providing expert assistance to recipients of the Federal or States aggressive collection campaign. Alexis went on to conclude with a smile exclaiming “A sincere thank you to our new team of tax professionals! 911 Tax Relief is now back and prepared to offer strategic guidance and negotiate the best possible tax forgiveness in our client’s best interest.”

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