3D Game Market LLC Unveils the Ultimate 3D Gaming Experience

Introducing our brand new 32″ 4K glasses free 3D display with AI eye tracking.

Revolutionizing the world of gaming, 3D Game Market LLC announces the launch of their groundbreaking 32″ 4K glasses-free 3D display with AI eye tracking.

The speed and quality of the eye tracking makes this display standout compared to other glasses free 3D displays on the market.”

— John Miller

NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Now available on their website, this technological marvel is set to redefine the gaming experience with its unmatched 3D capabilities.

The name behind this remarkable innovation, 3D Game Market LLC, is an accomplished SaaS company providing software for an immersive, glasses-free 3D experience. This technology allows gamers to delve into their favorite PC video games, designers to create with CAD in 3D, and cinema lovers to watch 3D movies or video clips without any clunky visual gear.

Featuring exceptional 3D technology, the monitor brings its on-screen action to life with images that literally pop out 3 to 4 feet from the display.

“This monitor has the best 3D that I have ever seen and for the price point, it has no competition,” says Vince, the Vice President of Business Operations, as he underscores the unique value proposition of their newest offering.

What makes this monitor truly extraordinary is its hardware interleaving, optical elements, AI eye tracking, and upscaling ability, which automatically upgrades any HD video into 4K quality. As the largest eye-tracking display on the market (which uses AI to match 3D visuals with users’ physical position), this monitor exceeds the quality of comparable displays by other manufacturers, offering superior features for over $2,000 less.

Jared Bendis, the media director for Case Western Reserve University is an associate professor who chairs the game design department at the Cleveland Institute of Art, enthusiastically endorses the company in an Instagram video, lauding the advanced 3D technology and its transformative impact on the gaming experience.

“How good is it?” says Jared. “Good enough that I asked him to get me a quote—that’s how good it looks…I look at a lot of these, I’m very happy with this.”

Catering to PC video gamers, 3D enthusiasts, digital designers, and businesses keen to showcase their products in an innovative way, 3D Game Market LLC is broadening the horizons of digital interaction. The launch of this state-of-the-art monitor ushers in a new era of 3D immersion, promising gamers a dynamic, glasses-free 3D experience like no other.

With their eyes set firmly on the future, 3D Game Market LLC continues to push the boundaries of technology, striving to enhance and transform the user experience. Their newly released 32″ 4K glasses-free 3D display, priced at $2,799.00 plus tax, comes with free shipping and a one-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. They also offer a reseller program for businesses.

3D Game Market LLC invites you to experience the next level of immersive gaming with their trailblazing 3D display. To order, visit www.3dgamemarket.net today.

About 3D Game Market LLC

3D Game Market LLC is a leading SaaS company providing software for a superior, glasses-free 3D experience on special displays. Transforming PC gaming, CAD design, and 3D movie viewing, the company continues to innovate in the realm of 3D technology.

To learn more, visit www.3dgamemarket.net or connect via email at [email protected].

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