100% of Websites Deindexed by Google’s Update Showed Signs of using AI, New Study by Originality.AI Finds

Half of the impacted websites seem to have published exclusively AI Generated Content

In a strategic move that raises eyebrows and prompts a lot of speculation: is this a calculated warning from the tech giant against the use of AI?”

— Jonathan Gillham, CEO

COLLINGWOOD , ONTARIO, CANADA, March 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In response to the widespread frenzy surrounding the March Google Update and subsequent traffic losses experience by millions around the globe, Originality.AI, a leader in AI content detection conducted two studies to shed light on the implications of these updated for content creators and website owners worldwide.

The study aimed to find out:

1. What websites were impacted by this update

2. Why they were impacted by this update

Study 1 – List of Websites That Had a Manual Action in March 2024

Analyzing a sample of 79,000 websites to understand the extent of manual actions imposed by Google, Originality.AI discovered:

– Manual actions were imposed on over 1,446 websites, accounting for a significant portion of the sites examined.

– The most heavily impacted websites were those leveraging advertising platforms such as MediaVine, Raptive, or Ezoic.

– Approximately 2% of the analyzed sites experienced manual actions, resulting in a collective traffic loss exceeding 20 million visitors per month.

– The abrupt plummet in traffic experienced by websites boasting over 1 million organic visitors monthly, dropping to zero virtually overnight.

Study 2 – Was AI Content Spam to Blame for the Manual Action?

Amid speculation surrounding the motive behind the update, Originality.AI set out to determine whether AI-generated content played a role in the manual actions. The findings:

– A thorough examination of deindexed websites revealed that 100% of those subjected to manual actions exhibited signs of AI-generated content.

– 7 out of 14 analyzed websites featured AI content in over 90% of their sample articles.

These findings underscore Google’s firm stance against the proliferation of AI-generated content, emphasizing the importance for content creators and website owners to align with the search engine’s guidelines.

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